I hear geltabs aren’t as easy to test. I wanted to see for myself. Had some blue/gold flake geltabs and added a couple drops of ehrlich. Any input from people with more experience would be greatly appreciated! Flash was used in pic #2.

2021.09.18 21:44 TopEvidence3730 I hear geltabs aren’t as easy to test. I wanted to see for myself. Had some blue/gold flake geltabs and added a couple drops of ehrlich. Any input from people with more experience would be greatly appreciated! Flash was used in pic #2.

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2021.09.18 21:44 YeeeeeeeeAllg (Spoilers) Squid Game: Symbolism, ending explained, s2 evidences and speculation and Frontman’s tragic past.

Many question why Kihoon didn’t use his money and went to see his daughter at the end but if you follow closely, you can see the reason behind why, some small plot info and the season 2 story line.
We have few information that are vital to the story and for this topic which were very easily dismissed during the show. Here are some

  1. The squid game is global a) Assuming the “clients” of 001 are the VIPs, seeing how the VIPs were from all different ethnicities from their languages, eye colours and accents, we can tell they are Top 1% of the world. b) When the VIPs were entering the spectator’s hall for the Glass Bridge Game, one mentioned how the survival in Korea is the most thrilling. This can be interpreted as Squid Game being hosted globally and are broadcasted to the VIPs and “clients” of the 001
  2. 001’s name: In Korean his name is Oh Il Nam. Oh is translated as zero, Il is one and Nam being male. We can learn that 001 was always a man who comes first in everything. Childhood games, whatever his job is, and his financial standing of the world being one of the richest men on Earth. He seeked to find thrill by entering it personally himself this year in his boring life like Onepunch Man and you can see him actually enjoying the 1st game with a smile, knows the secret winning strategy for Tug of War and psychologically a mind reading genius during the marvel game.
  3. Frontman’s tragic history. He is a winner of 2015 28th Squid Game as #132; however, he is still seen to have been living in Gosiwon till recently. Gosiwon a place for minimal standard of living with very cheap price. Often resident of lone poor workers, lone countryside students coming to Seoul to live for the enrolment for university. We can speculate that he was preparing for the Squid Game secretly and then decided to disappear permanently once the final preparation to start this years Squid Game commenced. He may have hosted previous year or not, we can’t tell but it’s not important.
  4. The standard of Squid Game's value of 1 human life is 1 hundred mill each. Human life cannot be calculated with materialism no matter what that’s worth. This is the philosophy of human life’s worth and Humanism. Trading a life for a materialistic value is of an act of losing one’s humanity and the start of one’s walk of demon-hood. (wow that sounds cultish)
Kihoon is despite his gambling addiction and immature and incompetent father, he is a man who desires to hold onto his humanity and morals at the very least. However, he isn’t a saint, upon trials and pushed to the edge, he often loses his reasons, and his humanity is tested and tempted, like the times of marvel game with 001 and the night before the final game. Despite his humanity shining during the time of Glass Bridge Game and his mercy towards Ho-Yeon (NK escapee), he himself knows that he is a fragile man who can tip over just like Sang turned. In a way, Sang is a manifestation of what a man Kihoon could’ve turned to when he himself gives in.
Why Kihoon doesn’t use the money and wanted to give up Squid Game forfeiting the prize money?
Kihoon knowing that human life can’t be exchanged with money no matter how large that is. His act of not using his prize money is his way of rejecting Squid Game’s philosophy and desires to hold onto his humanity.
Kihoon’s act of not using the prize money is a declaration of his rejection to Squid Game’s philosophy of putting values onto human lives and is a proof, not to the world, not to the Squid Game hosts, but to himself that he hasnt lost his humanity. He is struggling to prove to himself that he won’t lose his humanity and morals. He isn’t suicidal of sadness, misery, depression, or powerlessness but is living on without the money to prove to himself that the money from each players life isn’t something he wants to use at the cost of his humanity and an act of using it is declaring his start of losing himself like Sang.
So then, why did he use it the money afterwards? Because he won against 001
The Frontman was also like Kihoon, who won the game, but rejected the money by living in Gosiwon for long time, he was also unwilling to spend the money and live on until 001 also invites him for a talk then to a bet. They bet on something to test humanity of the world and lost just like 001’s name. He then openly accepts the 001’s philosophy and acted as the main host to run the program on 001’s behalf to preach the ultimate message, money is the ultimate stomper of hope and master of bringing out the worse of everyone. Kihoon and Frontman, both man that are so similar yet turned out so difference due to one’s acceptance of 001’s philosophy and another beating 001 and maintaining his hope. Kihoon is technically the first man to death 001 before his death right before 12am. Kihoon, who now holds no doubt in his humanity and hope is now freed from the shackle of dilemma and now goes to use the money to fulfill the promises of his friends and his daughter. Kihoon' black and white life was dyed with a colour while Frontman’s black and white lost its white.
Many would still say it’s a plot-hole for him to now go see his daughter and as tragic as it is, Kihoon’s daughter always came 2nd, even on her birth or after at the ending, in a sense, its another similarity to Kihoon and Frontman as they both seconds their family for anything related to this philosophy. Frontman is to execute the hopelessness of mankind before money, while Kihoon seeks unforgiving anger and revenge towards this organisation for this atrocities and family always comes 2nd for both of them when it comes to this. (2nd season, here we go!!!)
Like how Sang is the manifestation of what Kihoon and human beings would looks like when he seeks money over humanity, Frontman is Kihoon who lost his bet and lost his hope.
Squid game has an interesting symbolism of 1st and the last like how 001 is the first and Kihoon is last at #456. 12am is the time the van picks up the players to start the Squid Game, is also the time the post Squid Games for Kihoon ended at 12am when 001 died after losing to Kihoon. Just like the start of and the end of the day. In Matthew 20:16 it says “so the last will be first, and the first last”.
Squid Game also likes to use a lot of symbolism on numbers, like 12am.
· 12am: The start and the end or the last
· 69: This VIP loves it
· 96: VIP’s last resort
· 456: a constant reminder of this number throughout the story. From the Horse Race reward to the total player number and the price, and the “last” symbolism. I tried to look some up but nothing is goose-bumpy accurate but here are some interesting correlation
5 The fool folds his hands and eats his own flesh.
6 Better is a handful of quietness than two hands full of toil and a striving after wind.
5 You shall stumble by day; the prophet also shall stumble with you by night; and I will destroy your mother. 6 My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge; because you have rejected knowledge, I reject you from being a priest to me. And since you have forgotten the law of your God, I also will forget your children.
(Im out of ammo)
I may be looking too into this, but I need help, the line of the gay VIP’s line “is a beautiful number” is definitely not a throwaway line. There is also the “lucky 7” and “God created humans on the 6th day” from the two random players before the Glass Bridge Game. The numbers are definitely sus to me and the show wants to remind us there are symbolic meaning behind the numbers which I have no idea of.
I looked into every bible passage of Bible 4:5-6, Bible 4:56 and Bible 45:6 and angel number of 001, 456, 218, 067 and 132 (Frontman). Also, the show constantly shows a wicked depiction of Christianity such 244 (the praying dude), the guy who wakes Kihoon on ep 9 and 240’s Pastor father. So, something is def related to Christianity in terms of symbolism. At the end of the game, there was a close up of the 5 VIP’s masks, 7 in total including the Gay VIP and 001’s mask. I see a lion, an ox, tiger, bear and a bird, maybe a peacock or an eagle. Revelation 4:5-6 talks about 4 creatures but doesn’t seem too related. I also thought to check the Genesis and Revelation, the 1st and the last but still nothing concrete. There was another close up on the player residency with the money, pig bank is such a symbolism of childhood so forget about the pig, the walls had each of the games. There were total of 6 games… interesting.
I think I might need help in finding out more clues related to the numbers and Christianity but this all could just mean nothing tbh.
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2021.09.18 21:44 catscatscats265 Too many NPs on this page??

Is any one else getting annoyed with how many parents are coming on this page to complain about their nannies or talk about firing them? It’s like low key triggering and I feel this isn’t really a space for NP it’s a space for nannies. Idk I use this page to talk and vent about my job with other nanny’s not read about nannies getting fired.
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Me: Glim halo
Them: 5.2mil, mcn, mlr corset, nom nom floaties, elegant gloves and mlr back bow plus pleated skirt
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Do they?
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So much joy
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2021.09.18 21:44 Zealousideal-Ebb-357 Property under an LLC

So I saw this property I wanted to wholesale but it’s listed under an LLC. Is this gonna work or should I forget about it ?
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Andy Kaufman at Home
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2021.09.18 21:44 sm3lly_Cum 18 M4M hosting in south Philly

I’m 6’1 250 pounds and 6.5 inches. DM me if interested. I can host. Looking for head and maybe some ass play. Never been with a guy so we can do hand stuff too. HMU please. Preferably younger but I don’t mind if older.
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2021.09.18 21:44 aatmanjoshi Is valve testing something

Today while I was messing around with my binds in the practise w bot stuff I noticed those were 128 tick servers Could valve be testing 128 tick servers or something Or was I an idiot and just never noticed ( noticed it from net_graph 1)
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I'm not sure whether I use this grammar structure correctly.

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