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2021.09.18 22:29 Gay-and-Happy The LIBTARDS want to give HORMONES to CHILDREN

Dirty cummies and their insulin.
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2021.09.18 22:29 SirTank1 Retest Results

I just got my second blood test results 6 months after transmission, and it say positive hsv2 1.37. This is the same number I got from the first test, 2 months after transmission. Should the numbers be different? Should I get further testing?
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2021.09.18 22:29 MatchCaster [Post-Match thread] Werder Bremen vs Hamburger SV

[Bundesliga 2 - 2021/2022] Werder Bremen 0-2 Hamburger SV Match Info:
Werder Bremen - 4-3-3
Starting XI: Michael Zetterer, Mitchell Weiser, Lars Lukas Mai, Miloš Veljković, Anthony Jung, Nicolai Rapp, Christian Groß, Niklas Schmidt, Abdenego Nankishi, Marvin Ducksch, Romano Schmid
Substitutes: Jiří Pavlenka, Marco Friedl, Kyu-hyun Park, Ilia Gruev, Jean-Manuel Mbom, Roger Assalé, Eren Dinkçi, Niclas Füllkrug, Nick Woltemade
Coach: M. Anfang
Hamburger SV - 4-3-3
Starting XI: Daniel Heuer Fernandes, Jan Gyamerah, Jonas David, Sebastian Schonlau, Tim Leibold, David Kinsombi, Jonas Meffert, Moritz Heyer, Bakery Jatta, Robert Glatzel, Sonny Kittel
Substitutes: Marko Johansson, Miro Muheim, Mario Vušković, Thomas Doyle, Ludovit Reis, Anssi Suhonen, Mikkel Kaufmann, Robin Meißner, Manuel Wintzheimer
Coach: T. Walter
Match Stats:

Werder Bremen Hamburger SV
48% Ball Possession 52%
17 Total Shots 6
4 Shots On Goal 4
9 Shots Off Goal 1
11 Shots inside box 5
6 Shots outside box 1
4 Blocked Shots 1
17 Fouls 15
5 Corner Kicks 3
0 Offsides 2
7 Yellow Cards 4
1 Red Cards 1
2 Goalkeeper Saves 4
393 Total passes 445
308 Successful passes 364
78% Pass success rate 82%
Match events
2' GOAL! Scored by R. Glatzel (Hamburger SV)
5' Yellow Card for C. Groß (Werder Bremen)
26' Yellow Card for N. Schmidt (Werder Bremen)
29' Yellow Card for S. Schonlau (Hamburger SV)
32' Yellow Card for C. Groß (Werder Bremen)
32' Red Card for C. Groß (Werder Bremen)
38' Substitution: I. Gruev for A. N'Lola Nankishi (Werder Bremen)
45' GOAL! Scored by M. Heyer (Hamburger SV)
50' Yellow Card for M. Ducksch (Werder Bremen)
52' Yellow Card for S. Schonlau (Hamburger SV)
52' Red Card for S. Schonlau (Hamburger SV)
58' Substitution: L. Reis for R. Glatzel (Hamburger SV)
59' Yellow Card for M. Heyer (Hamburger SV)
66' Substitution: J. Mbom for M. Weiser (Werder Bremen)
66' Substitution: R. Assalé for N. Schmidt (Werder Bremen)
68' Yellow Card for R. Assalé (Werder Bremen)
69' Yellow Card for T. Leibold (Hamburger SV)
70' Substitution: M. Wintzheimer for S. Kittel (Hamburger SV)
70' Substitution: M. Kaufmann for B. Jatta (Hamburger SV)
73' Substitution: N. Füllkrug for A. Jung (Werder Bremen)
77' Yellow Card for I. Gruev (Werder Bremen)
82' Substitution: A. Suhonen for M. Heyer (Hamburger SV)
82' Substitution: M. Vušković for D. Kinsombi (Hamburger SV)
90' Yellow Card for J. Mbom (Werder Bremen)
90' Match whistled off
Player Match Stats
Werder Bremen
Player Rating Mins Shots Tackles Passes Duels Dribbles
Nicolai Rapp 7.5 95 1 6 32 17 1
Jean-Manuel Mbom 7.5 28 0 2 14 3 0
Roger Assalé 7.3 28 1 3 5 5 0
Romano Schmid 7.2 95 1 0 40 17 9
Ilia Gruev 6.9 57 0 1 33 6 0
Lars Lukas Mai 6.7 95 1 1 55 8 0
Niclas Füllkrug 6.7 22 4 0 4 4 1
Miloš Veljković 6.6 95 2 0 49 5 0
Anthony Jung 6.6 73 0 2 34 6 0
Michael Zetterer 6.5 95 0 0 27 0 0
Abdenego Nankishi 6.5 38 0 1 4 7 1
Marvin Ducksch 6.5 95 2 0 18 7 1
Mitchell Weiser 6.3 67 1 1 39 9 2
Niklas Schmidt 6.2 67 0 1 29 8 1
Christian Groß 5.2 31 0 2 10 6 0
Hamburger SV
Player Rating Mins Shots Tackles Passes Duels Dribbles
Daniel Heuer Fernandes 7.5 95 0 0 53 3 0
Moritz Heyer 7.5 82 1 2 21 13 1
Robert Glatzel 7.3 58 2 1 9 7 0
Tim Leibold 7.2 95 0 2 71 11 1
Jonas David 7 95 0 1 52 4 0
Sonny Kittel 7 70 0 0 25 1 0
Jan Gyamerah 6.9 95 0 2 57 6 0
Jonas Meffert 6.7 95 0 1 51 9 0
Manuel Wintzheimer 6.6 25 0 0 4 3 1
Mario Vušković 6.5 13 0 0 5 3 0
Ludovit Reis 6.5 37 0 0 14 6 0
Bakery Jatta 6.3 70 2 2 10 12 1
Anssi Suhonen 6.3 13 0 0 3 5 2
Mikkel Kaufmann 6.3 25 0 0 4 5 0
David Kinsombi 6.2 82 0 2 18 12 1
Sebastian Schonlau 6 52 0 1 48 8 1

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2021.09.18 22:29 coffeefuelledtechie M1 MacBook Pro, Remote Desktop to Windows, does the Touch Bar show regular function keys?

It’s a bit of an odd question, but I’m considering either a refurbished or new (with my wife’s educational discount) M1 MacBook Pro, but I don’t much like the Touch Bar. Within macOS I’ll probably get used to it, but I’m wondering how it fares using Remote Desktop to Windows. What does the Touch Bar show in that situation? When I RDP into Windows for work I’m normally using Visual Studio so standard function keys would really be best.
Note: I know the rumours for the next gen MacBooks will be dropping the Touch Bar, if that’s the case then I can just wait.
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2021.09.18 22:29 ProtonPleasurePipe (NPD) Noticed that I got a bit caught up in collecting pens I never used so whilst rehoming them I’ve gone back to basics. It all started with a Parker Vector 15+ years ago and now it’s gone full circle.

(NPD) Noticed that I got a bit caught up in collecting pens I never used so whilst rehoming them I’ve gone back to basics. It all started with a Parker Vector 15+ years ago and now it’s gone full circle. submitted by ProtonPleasurePipe to fountainpens [link] [comments]

2021.09.18 22:29 deltathesecond Noble, me, ink on paper, 2021

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2021.09.18 22:29 sbsce Update 48 for cyubeVR is live on Steam! Adding new improved torch lighting, a better looking night sky, 16K screenshots, and a huge amount of bugfixes and general improvements and optimizations!

Update 48 for cyubeVR is live on Steam! Adding new improved torch lighting, a better looking night sky, 16K screenshots, and a huge amount of bugfixes and general improvements and optimizations! submitted by sbsce to oculus [link] [comments]

2021.09.18 22:29 PapaPalps91 THE REMAINS OF TERRA PRIME - Chapter Ten: Volunteers (Part 1)

Captain Anne McBrian - Indomitable
Captain Anne McBrian stood on the bridge of the Indomitable and stared at the vast expanse of black space before her. She adjusted the tight bun holding her brown hair in a nervous gesture she hoped had escaped notice. It had been over two years since the launch of her ship, but even with all the advances in space distortion no human had moved faster than the speed of light. As it stood today, Indomitable had been outfitted with the latest in distortion field technology, and her ship was going to take the leap.
Anne had watched scientists put new technologies on her ship countless times over the course of the last two years, and she had made sure her crew was trained to be the best in the fleet. When a half dozen of the new SF-21 Reaper fighter craft had been assigned to her ship, Captain McBrian had integrated them flawlessly. The testbed shield generators and new cannons only made Indomitable more beautiful in the Captain’s eyes. Her ship was the most advanced in the fleet, and today would prove it.
Today the eyes of the human race were on her crew as they moved through their preparations over 50,000 km from the surface of Mars. Drone cameras sent back live feeds from outside and in some places inside the ship to news agencies located back on the planet and the massive space station orbiting it. The crew of Indomitable were professional as any crew in history, and they performed their duties to be ready for the first FTL jump in history.
“Doctor Brown, you’re sure everything is ready?” Anne asked over her comm.
“As ready as it can be. I’m so sure it’ll work that I’m hanging out in your engineering compartment.”
“I’m sure your wife is thrilled at that choice,” Anne chuckled.
“It’s safer here than with a pissed off pregnant scientist.”
“Captain, power is above the green line,” called an officer on the bridge.
“Thank you Ensign.” Anne looked at her bridge crew before scanning over the readouts her ship was displaying. Humanity had designed impressive capacitor banks which were able to store the massive power production of the ships’ twin fusion reactors. With the immense reserves of power that the ship had at its disposal, the ship was able to theoretically perform multiple displacements in rapid succession before needing to end an engagement. Currently, the capacitor banks showed 85% and rising steadily. Current tactics dictated that anything above 70% was ‘in the green’, and the ship didn’t ‘enter the red’ until below 35%.
“Weapons, status?”
“All weapons are safe and stowed Captain.”
“Shields are performing optimally Captain!”
Anne watched her displays for several more moments as the buzz of activity electrified the ship. Finally, she got the message she was waiting for.
“We’re ready to engage the displacement drive Captain,” Dr. Brown reported from the main engineering compartment.
Anne sat in the Captains’ chair at the central console on the bridge and selected a comm to address the crew.
Indomitable, this is your Captain speaking,” she waited several moments for activity to cease before proceeding. “Fifteen years ago our home planet of Earth was taken from us, but our remnant managed to escape. We lost all those we held dear, and those wounds will never heal. In the time since we have built ships of peace, exploration, and even ships of war. This ship of war is the testbed for many technologies we hope to integrate into our fleet in order to successfully wage a campaign against those who attempted to quash us underfoot.
“The Hek’le did not anticipate encountering a species who would refuse to submit at their mere presence. According to our information, nowhere else in the galaxy does any other species possess the lust for conflict we humans have in our deepest core. I will not deny it. Taking a fight to an enemy, to stand over them victorious, to have my metal tested, it’s the deepest desire of any of us. We strive to not only face conflict, but to overcome it, and destroy the obstacles in our way!
“Today we destroy our first obstacle. Today is the day we take the stars. Today is the day, we take back our destiny and begin to avenge our fallen.”
Anne waited several more moments, knowing the tension was building for everyone watching.
“Bring me those stars. Engage displacement drive.”
A high pitched whine emanated through the ship briefly. There was a flash of bright light, and the ship vanished.
On the station New Horizon General Schwartz, King Ryan, Ben, Shawn, George, Gretchen, and Vicki all observed the ship vanish.
“Give me good news,” Schwartz said, wringing his fingers. “I can’t have lost a testbed ship and a crack crew of over 100.”
“Sensors from here to the belt don’t show anything,” Shawn stated quietly. “I can’t find them.”
“There’s no debris field,” George said. “No debris field means no explosion.”
“I believe there is an answer incoming for you General,” Vicki stated flatly. She adjusted the comms frequency slightly and a transmission came through clearly.
Indomitable reports a position just past Jupiter,” Captain McBrian stated. “Our travel time was one one-thousandth of a second.”
“Amazing,” Ryan breathed. “Status report Captain!”
“Sire, all decks report that Indomitable is functioning at peak efficiency.”
“What was the overall power drain?” Gretchen asked quickly.
“We used less than 3% of capacitor reserves,” Dale said over the same channel. “Don’t worry Gretchen, we made it. We’re planning a jump back.”
“Hold on! The jump calculations we made for you to go out there were precise and took weeks! What makes you think you can just spool up the displacement drive and come back? We need to make sure it’s safe to operate again!”
Before anyone could say anything it appeared as if space tore slightly in front of the space station and Indomitable was floating in space only 300km away.
“That’s phenomenal,” whispered Shawn. “How did they do it?”
“I provided them with an exact reversal of the equation you utilized for their jump out,” Vicki said smugly. “It seems that there is a slight variance, but that can be addressed in time.”
“Captain, you jumped back without authorization!” Jim said, wanting to be angry. “I expect you in the briefing lounge as soon as your ship is docked. Every engineer we have on this station is going to look your ship over to find out exactly how the systems performed.”
“Of course sir.”
“Do not be too hard on her General,” Vicki said. When Jim spun to address her avatar she cut him off. “I will be aboard the Indomitable to make sure all systems are as they should be.”
“That AI of yours is going to be the death of me,” Schwartz said, rubbing the bridge of his nose. “It causes me more stress than the three of you ever did.”
George laughed. “She takes after Shawn. He’s the one with the reckless streak.”
Ryan chuckled as he stood. “Shawn is the troublemaker of our group,” he agreed. “Now General, I believe we have a Captain to speak with.”
Anne made sure her uniform was perfect before knocking to enter the briefing room. To her surprise the door was opened from the inside after only her second knock, so she entered the room. The wooden walls were rounded out to make the room circular, which gave her the impression she was going to be interrogated, until she saw a group of people sitting at a large table in the center.
“Please, have a seat Captain,” Ryan said, gesturing to the empty chair next to Ben.
“Yes sire,” she replied after rendering a salute.
“Excellent work today,” Ben muttered from behind a stack of folders. “How did the ship hold up?”
“Everything is in perfect working order,” Anne boasted. “I think we can keep jumping her until power runs out!”
“That’s a best case scenario,” George said, looking at the data on his console. “The jump back shouldn’t have been so easy to calculate, but it seems Vicki did it without trouble.”
“It shouldn’t have been a logic problem,” Shawn mumbled. “It took us forever to get those calculations done, and she just reversed it in who knows how long.”
“When she gave me the jump equation for the computer she stated it was a fifteen minute process,” Anne said slowly.
“FIFTEEN MINUTES?” Roared Shawn, jumping up. “That’s outrageous! How could you possibly have trusted those numbers?”
“I assumed they had already been vetted.”
“Well they weren’t,” George said. “Though it seems Vicki has figured out how to work the jump equations, so we’ll have to pick her brain on it.”
“Make sure you do that,” Ryan said. “In fact, see if it’s possible for her to draw up a program with preset jump equations that way a navigator on a ship could merely adjust distances on the fly without requiring entirely new calculations.”
“What about for distances where we’re not sure if there’s anything in the way?” McBrian asked.
“We’ll have to be cautious about those jumps. I’m sure the rest of the galaxy merely utilizes the knowledge of planets and systems already available to them. They have linear travel, this is pure distortion.”
“Captain, I want you to make sure everything is operable on your ship. After the next battery of tests I have a very specific mission for you and your crew,” Ryan said.
“Of course sire,” McBrian said. “May I ask what we need to prepare for?”
“Hopefully our displacement drive will nullify a lot of the effects of the Maw that it seems to have on Tachyon propulsion ships, but I am sending your ship into the galaxy.”
“It would be an honor sir!”
“Hold on Captain. You’ll be exiting the Maw only long enough to drop our version of a beacon on the outside of the Maw before returning. This is reconnaissance only.”
“I will make sure that the ship is in perfect condition.”
“Very good Captain.” Once Anne had left the room, Ryan addressed those left. “It’s time we make contact with our friends on the outside.”
Meres - Lab on Mars, Main Human Colony
Meres sat quietly in her lab, looking over the results of hundreds of tests which had been performed on various samples over the years. For her, the ability to study humans combined with her knowledge of galactic medicine was an invaluable research opportunity.
Over her fifteen years researching humans she had discovered the species was highly resilient to countless bacteria and viruses due to their incredibly robust immune system. She found humans could sustain injuries which would kill other species outright, but a human could continue to carry on. The belief they had started as pack creatures which became pursuit predators with their development of tools lent much credibility to this observation, as their bodies were remarkably resilient to extended stressors.
Multiple times, Meres had seen humans with traumatic amputations who had not only survived, but continued about their particular missions until the situation allowed them to seek medical attention. The vast majority of these individuals received newly developed state of the art prosthetics and quickly returned to work!
Perhaps the best example was a soldier had an accident during a training accident. The soldier had made a mistake during an explosives defusing and his left leg and arm were blown off. While rescue teams attempted to perform damage control, the soldier crawled with one arm and leg back to other troops who were able to perform combat life saving measures. The soldier was then transported to a surgical suite where he received brand new prosthetics, which were dressed to look like the original limbs, and within a week he was breezing through his assigned physical therapy. A Krip’ta warrior who suffered a dismemberment would go into shock and perish!
Meres was particularly impressed by the human ability to self produce combat drugs within their body. When stressed in particular manners, a human would release immense amounts of epinephrine into their system. The adrenal rush would allow humans to perform incredible feats and perform through the most stressful events. Most of the galaxy had to use diluted and distilled forms of epinephrine by human standards, since a standard human adrenaline rush would kill any known species!
It was many of these studies which led Meres to begin to study the genetics of humans. They had such strength, resilience, adaptability, drive, and mental prowess, she wondered if there was a reason their longevity seemed to be stunted compared to the rest of their abilities.
“You seem particularly focused today Meres,” a familiar avatar said, leaning over next to Meres to act more human.
“The reasoning behind this genetic stunt continues to elude me,” Meres said. Over the years she had adopted a slight English accent as she perfected her English. “Humans have such amazing abilities compared to the rest of the galaxy, but they have such tragically short lives.”
“You say that as if your own gestation period isn’t only a few of our months,” grumbled Gretchen as she walked into the lab, rubbing her own pregnant form and joining Meres at one of the consoles.
“It’s true our pregnancies last less than half as long,” Meres conceded. “However, you recover much more quickly than we do. It’s a tribute to the durability of your form that your population is growing so quickly!”
“As long as infants are included, the human race has nearly quadrupled in fifteen years,” Vicki stated flatly. “It is going to be interesting to see how the young are cared for over the years.”
“I too am curious as to how it will eventually play out,” Meres stated. “I volunteer much time with some of the children now and it’s a joy to see how they develop, even away from what would have been their natural homeworld.”
“It is a shame that almost all children are being taught basics which will force them into either the military, engineering, or medicine,” Gretchen said. “Fortunately there’s still a little room for scientists.”
“I think scientists are encouraged to be engineers,” Vicki said. “The human race is showing great resilience and adaptability in the face of an unprecedented event.”
“Unfortunately it means we’re going to have to train the majority of our population to fight,” Ryan said as he entered the lab. “Do you have any progress to report on my special assignment for you?”
“On how to make humans better? I think we’re doing a pretty good job,” Gretchen said. “Humans might just have to believe we’re as good as we can get.”
“I wouldn’t be so sure,” Meres said slowly.
“Oh really?” Gretchen said, turning to face the small Volry. “What per say did you find without me?”
“Vicki and I were looking deep in the genetic code from a mass of samples and we might have found something.”
“Go on,” Ryan said, taking a seat next to Gretchen.
“We are not exactly certain to what it would do, but we have theories on several inactive genomes which have been offset from almost every DNA strand,” Vicki said. “We do, however, have several theories.”
“Please, enlighten me.”
“We think one of them might help unlock a natural coding which would lead to a significant increase of testosterone in males.”
“Which would increase athletic and temperament performances,” Ryan muttered. “Go on.”
“Another genome seems to have ties to chemical development in human brains.”
“Playing around with brain chemicals is a dangerous game,” Gretchen cautioned.
“Which is why we haven’t messed with it,” Meres stated. “The last genome we’re trying to isolate might have ties to how the human body remains in its ‘peak state’.”
“We have tried to isolate genes which would allow humans to remain in the prime years of their mid-twenties longer,” Vicki explained. “The genes we have isolated could be interacted with via some rather trivial protein chains, however the gene therapy would have to be extensive and we would have no idea what outcomes to expect.”
“So anybody who took the gene therapy would be complete guinea pigs,” Ryan said, deep in thought. “We’d need volunteers who understand not only the risks, but the science so they could help us figure out exactly what was going on throughout the therapy and what impact it has on them.”
“It sounds like the kind of job for a new firebrand unit,” Shawn said from behind the group.
“When did you get here?” Meres asked quickly. “How long have you been standing there?”
“Long enough,” Shawn said slowly. “You need volunteers for this new therapy, and I happen to know a few.”
“It’s risky stuff Shawn. You already have the go ahead for your idea,” Ryan said to his friend. “There’s no reason for you to risk the health of those involved for this. We can find others.” “With all due respect, this would be the perfect test for us to begin,” Shawn asserted. “The volunteers I have need to be above and beyond the scope of what is normal. We need superhuman at this point if we’re going to have the advantages we need.”
Ryan thought for several moments before turning to Meres and Vicki’s avatar. “How long will it take you to produce the genetic therapy serum?”
“The protein links are incredibly simple,” Vicki repeated. “Creating a simple shot to begin the therapy is not the issue. Deciding on frequency of shots and monitoring individuals will be the tricky part.”
“What she means is, if you can let us study people in a controlled environment with few distractions, we can have gene therapy ready within the week,” Meres said quickly.
Ryan turned to Shawn. “You have your timeframe, there’s still time to reconsider.”
Shawn looked Ryan in the eyes with a steely gaze. “Our little experiment will commence at weeks end.”
Supreme Hive Mother - Planet Lirre
The Lirrean homeworld of Lirre had been under Hek’le control for thousands of galactic cycles. While the Lirrean’s had originally been a peaceful race, they had attempted to fight the Hek’le when the creatures had descended from the sky. Lirreans had the body of a hippopotamus, six legs for additional stability, four large ears which gave them exceptional hearing, and two compound eyes mounted towards the sides of their heads giving them almost 270 degrees of vision.
When the Hek’le had descended from the sky they were met with joy, as the Lirreans had met no other species until that point. It was when the Hek’le opened fire on them that the Lirreans understood what was happening. Massive battle herds formed and they went to war with the Hek’le. Unfortunately, they had almost no experience warring amongst themselves and the conflict was short lived. The Hek’le allowed the Lirreans to remain members of the Hek’le Empire under the condition they provided battle herds, contributed to scientific research, and produced particle pulse weaponry for the Hek’le ships.
The Hek’le left a vassal in charge of Lirre, as the herds of creatures were tamed and contributing to the Empire. Vassal Tenis of Lir was of the bloodline who had been vassals for the Empire since Lirre had been integrated.
Tenis sat on his massive cushion, his legs curled under, as he stared out at the red sun rising over the horizon. The palace location allowed him to look out one window and see the sunrise over the distant mountains, undisturbed by development, and the other window gave him a sweeping view over the capitol city. Today was a day he had hoped would never come. Lirre was being visited by the Supreme Hive Mother, and she wasn’t pleased. The Supreme Hive Mother hadn’t set foot on Lirre in at least fifty galactic cycles, well before he took over for his father as Vassal.
“Vassal Tenis, we have everything ready for you,” a voice chimed over his comm.
“Very well advisor Tran,” he acknowledged. “Have the artifacts been located?”
“I will bring them to you at your convenience.”
“You may enter.”
A pale Lirrean entered the chamber and approached the cushion Tenis was relaxed on. He pushed a small hover trolley and placed it before Tenis. “Sir, here we have everything you have requested.”
Tenis leaned over and looked at the items before him. There were shards of ancient pottery, some parchment made of a leaf native to Lirre, and several holorecorders. “It amazes me that the Supreme Hive Mother would come here herself to retrieve these items.”
“It is an immense honor sir.”
“I didn’t say it wasn’t. I’m saying there must be something more going on, because several of these shards have been in the capitol museum for centuries.”
“Perhaps she is putting together a personal collection and wishes to verify they belong.”
“Perhaps,” muttered Tenis. “I suspect it has something to do with these ghost ships plaguing the Empires ships.”
“It would explain her appropriation of our scientists and historians who know the most of our uplifting.”
The two sat in silence for several minutes before a chime on Tenis’s comm alerted him the Supreme Hive Mother was approaching. “You may take your place at my side. The Supreme Hive Mother approaches.”
Nearly as soon as Tran moved to the Vassal’s side, the chamber doors flew open and the Supreme Hive Mother entered the room. She was practically glowing purple along her exoskeleton, and her guards all gave her plenty of room. Though most Hek’le were relatively small by Lirrean standards, she dwarfed the two Lirrean’s in the room.
“Have you obtained what I requested?”
Tenis bowed deeply. “Of course Supreme Hive Mother. I have obtained pottery shards from centuries past, several inscriptions, and the holo recordings of the archeologists who made the discoveries or the historians who deduced their importance.”
“Very good Vassal. You have served the Empire faithfully once again.”
“Lirre serves the Empire Supreme Hive Mother. You know the depth of our devotion.”
The Supreme Hive Mother picked up several of the artifacts and began examining them closely. “Yet you wonder why I would personally pursue such trivial trinkets from the past.” The Supreme Hive Mother watched Tenis closely, but he neither betrayed emotion nor spoke, he simply kept a blank face. “It is natural for you to be curious, since they are after all, very old trinkets and little more.”
“I do have a passing curiosity.”
The Surpeme Hive Mother allowed her carapace to glow a jovial bluegreen. “Everyone but Tenis, leave.” She waited until the door had closed before speaking again. “You prove your worth by admitting your curiosity. I cannot have the Lirrean people merely bending over. I require a curious and creative people from you. These shards are part of a large puzzle.”
“I suspected you were bringing them together with other artifacts.”
“This puzzle spans the galaxy in a mystery larger than any other tackled by any scientist in the modern era.”
Tenis thought for a moment before speaking carefully. “You seek knowledge of the Forbidden then?”
The Supreme Hive Mother let out a buzzing laugh. “Why do you think I seek a legend such as the Forbidden?”
“The Forbidden are a galactic legend, a legend that spans even outside the Empire. We had legends of the Forbidden, merely by a different name, before we ever met another species. If the puzzle you seek to put together transcends all others, it naturally has to be the largest one of all.”
“There is wisdom in your words Vassal. I seek the story of every species uplifting. I have had fifteen dead worlds excavated and we have found remnants of societies speaking of the Forbidden. What I don’t have is who exactly they were and what they did except fight the Oppressors.”
“You hope that you will find a vital clue somewhere amongst my peoples artifacts?”
“I hope to find a vital clue anywhere,” the Supreme Hive Mother corrected. “A clue can appear in the most unlikely of places. Such as a dead world showing my conclusive proof that there was indeed someone who fought an extermination war.”
“But there has never been a true extermination war. All planet destructions have been performed after the species has been relocated in survivable numbers!”
“That is true. Yet I found a scarred planet with a dead star, limping through the galaxy, bearing the scars of complete destruction.”
“Incredible,” Tenis whispered.
The Supreme Hive Mother picked up several of the holos and watched the analysis given by several of the most prominent and respected historians in Lirrean history. “It seems your artifacts will merely make a fine addition to my collection. There is no additional evidence provided here.”
As the Supreme Hive Mother turned to leave, Tenis worked up his courage. “Supreme Hive Mother, I must ask a question.”
“Go ahead, Vassal.”
“Is there a way I can protect my shipments to the Empire? Several of our convoys have been attacked and crews among Lirrean vessels are spreading rumors of a ghost ship who attacks from the dark of space and vanishes just as quickly.”
“Your ships have been attacked?”
“Yes Supreme Hive Mother. The first time our vessels actually had the advantage, but the ghost ship destroyed them. We only found out what happened from the bridge recordings.”
The Supreme Hive Mother turned slightly. “What exactly happened, and why was this not reported?”
“It was reported Supreme Hive Mother. I reported it personally to the sector Fleet Mother.” Tenis saw the Supreme Hive Mother tense slightly. It was apparent the loss of her daughter to the ghost ship still pained her. “Our first engagement was a response to a distress signal sent by three frigates. As we entered the combat zone we saw two debris fields and one frigate dead in space. There was a fourth ship, red and black with massive teeth and bloodthirsty eyes painted on it. A cursory scan showed it as a heavily modified Hek’le frigate, so my Fleet-Guide didn’t attack right away.”
“How heavily modified?”
“If I recall the report correctly, it no longer maintained its rectangular form from amidships forward. The entire front of the ship had been reconstructed into an angular design. The engine housings had been reinforced by some manner, we assumed it to be a test ship of the Empire.”
“Did the scan show any specifics about the reconstruction?”
“We only managed to get an estimated mass before all sensors went dead.”
“Go on.”
“The ship had roughly 30% more mass than a standard Hek’le frigate, but only five [meters] were added to the length and two [meters] added to the width.”
“We thought so. Naturally the Fleet-Guide sent out a broadcast asking if the ship required assistance, assuming that the dead sensors were a Hek’le shipmaster attempting to keep his classified ship secret. A return broadcast requested confirmation of our allegiance to the Empire, which naturally our Fleet-Guide confirmed. As soon as the confirmation signal went out the ship attacked, destroying our vessels.”
“You will speak of this to noone else,” the Supreme Hive Mother instructed as she exited the room quickly.
The news of the ship having been spotted, but only attacking after confirming the approaching ships were of the Empire gave her thought that these were Federation forces. Though Federation forces would have been able to easily determine who was in the same sector as them, wouldn’t they?
+ Patience + *Shipmaster,* the Supreme Hive Mother stated as she returned to her massive [cruiser]. *As soon as our jump to Heklehellyehlekeh has been set, attend to me.* She then waited in the main briefing room aboard her ship.
+Reverance+ *You requested my presence Supreme Hive Mother*
+Gratitude+ *I have a query of you. Please sit by me*
+Uncertainty+ *Of course Supreme Hive Mother. How may I assist?*
+Curiosity+ *Is it possible for a ship to blind the sensors of an enemy ship?*
+Thoughtfulness+ *Not that I have been made aware of Supreme Hive Mother. We’re on the finest ship in the galaxy and not even we have that capability. We have the ability to target sensors while firing and destroy them, but to merely blind them, no.*
+Intrigue+ *If you could blind an enemies sensors would that change how you fight a battle?*
+Confusion+ *Of course not Supreme Hive Mother. If I could take away the enemies ability to fire at me accurately, I would try to put as many ships on the firing line as possible in order to destroy the enemy faster!*
+Intrigue+ *You would not choose to attack with a single ship or not form a battle line?*
+Assertion+ *Never! A battle line is the best formation in battle. Our success against the entirety of the galaxy has proven that. Even the Federation adopts our tactics because of our superiority.*
+Calm+ *As I suspected. Only one final question for you Shipmaster*
+Pride+ *I am at the Supreme Hive Mother’s command*
+Suspicion+ *What do you think of the ghost ship?*
+Worry+ *Ghost ship, Supreme Hive Mother?*
+Suspicion+ *That is what I said. Ghost ship. What do you think of it? You have served under me long enough to speak freely without fear of retribution this one time. Though this conversation is entirely private, if word of it leaks out you will be executed.*
+Resolve+ *Supreme Hive Mother I can tell you only what I’ve studied and what I’ve felt as my brothers have died at the hands of the ghost ship. The ship houses beings who cannot be killed nor touched, they arrive with the sounds of battle and exit like the wind, the ship looks as if a hunter looking at its next prey, we fear it. I fear it is a ghost ship Supreme Hive Mother, it has been in far too many battles against prepared battle lines to survive as a regular ship. Our scanners and logs even show it vanishes as if it were never even there. I fear we have awakened the Forbidden.*

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