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Just found this bad boy, excited to try it out. Fingers crossed it'll actually work!

2021.09.18 20:57 emily-ermiler Just found this bad boy, excited to try it out. Fingers crossed it'll actually work!

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2021.09.18 20:57 bobcat ‘There Is Chaos’; Iran-Backed Militias Battle Activists in a Holy Iraqi City

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2021.09.18 20:57 Hot_Form3989 i've gotten 3 rare seasonals, and i've finally gotten a regular seasonal for seasonal shanty, thank you for blessing me with a NORMAL hoola. And not rare punkleton, rare blabbit, rare gobbleygourd.

i've gotten 3 rare seasonals, and i've finally gotten a regular seasonal for seasonal shanty, thank you for blessing me with a NORMAL hoola. And not rare punkleton, rare blabbit, rare gobbleygourd. submitted by Hot_Form3989 to MySingingMonsters [link] [comments]

2021.09.18 20:57 trehendrix714 Would Rachel and Zach been a better match?

Racial preference and age aside, I feel like they would be a decent match. What do y'all think?
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2021.09.18 20:57 ficagamer11 A story in two parts

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2021.09.18 20:57 lydiav59-2 Madison Cawthorn on Twitter: battling 'significant medical complications'

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2021.09.18 20:57 bobcat Biden’s Entire Presidential Agenda Rests on Expansive Spending Bill

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2021.09.18 20:57 James_Zero So I decided to do a thing just because my hair got long

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2021.09.18 20:57 matheusgrijo123 nome do mapa que smurfzin está

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2021.09.18 20:57 WeaknessExploitKitty [Writeup/poll] The most difficult quests across the entire main series

So I’ve been playing through the older games again recently and I had a thought while reading some old forum posts. What is the community consensus for the hardest quest in the entire series barring frontier? I’m looking at this from a purely solo perspective, and I understand that a lot of quests can be hard for different reasons, but I feel some are noticeably more difficult than others. (DISCLAIMER: I have not played iceborne or rise, but I’m willing to include some of their quests because people say they are difficult)
Honorable mentions go to: -Hr3 Lao Shan urgent in freedom1: not hard in terms of the actual monster, but nearly impossible to keep the fort alive solo because he’s insanely aggressive compared to later entries and cannot be killed with the gear at that level. -Final invitation MHFU: really easy if you play aggressive and kill the first Rajang quickly, brutal if you don’t. -Twin terrors MHFU: two furious jangs in a tiny arena at the same time, almost impossible unless cheesed with sneak skill. -Descent into hades MH3U: Easier than clashing fists but the massive HP, projectile spam and hiding in lava combined with 3u zin’s unfair dive move is brutal, timer is more dangerous than the zinogre. -MH4U 140 apex zinogre: just absurd, ohkos blademasters and is always spamming attacks with small openings. Always bounce on everything except front paws until deapexed, massive hp and wystone gimmick. Add in another apex for total bs. -MHGU arena allegiances: sleeper pick, easy in a group but for a solo player this quest is ridiculous. Hyper najarala is a broken monster that can cross the entire arena in seconds and you have to deal with 3 other monsters plus the fence gimmick. PTSD of gravios shooting through the fence. -Any 1st gen egg quest: whoever made the 4 powderstone quest can go burn in hell. Fucking bullfangos. -MHFU JUMP Teostra: OP super teo with bs instant charge and massive hp. Just annoying as hell. -arch-tempered nerg: who doesn’t love instant attacks that chunk your hp? -any EX in MHGU: boring 30 minute fights with ohkos everywhere. Hope you like adept style!
That’s all I can think of at the moment. My personal vote goes to clashing fists because 3u brachydios is already insanely hard. Feel free to vote and let me know if I missed anything!
View Poll
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2021.09.18 20:57 Imsleeepy It’s your birthday today.

It’s your birthday dad. I don’t even know how old you are.
We haven’t spoken in years, except when you emailed me a few months to tell me you had Covid and were looking for some sympathy.
This day always comes in heavy for me. I feel like we should be celebrating. Like it should be a fun day. But it’s not and I just sit here feeling guilty—just like you taught me.
I feel bad because we don’t have a relationship and because you always made me feel guilty for that. Even though you are the parent.
And you would always say you would show up and I would pack a bag and wait on the steps out front, just waiting for your car to pull around the corner, and you still never showed. And it was always still somehow my fault.
It’s always my fault that we don’t speak, that you don’t know your grandchildren, that you’re so lonely—and you always let me know it.
It my fault that I’m too much like my mother because I stand up for myself and you hate that. It my fault that I grew up and started taking her side after I realized all the lies you told me about her. It’s my fault for expecting anything more than the absolute bare minimum, even when you couldn’t even give me that.
So happy birthday dad. I hope you are happy. I really do. And I hope you don’t feel lonely, like I do. And I hope to never pass on this guilt to my children.
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2021.09.18 20:57 Gmarais99 Gear question

Amateur photographer here doing mostly couple shoots and leaning into the wedding scene

I currently have a 250D with the following lenses:
50mm F1.8
18-55mm F4-5.6
55-250mm F4-5.6

Looking to invest in a 24-105mm EF mount
Currently the options are narrowed secondary to F stops

F3.5-5.6 costing around X in my country
F4 costing around double that of the 3.5-5.6

I am between the F4 and F3.5-5.6, with the price being double, is the improved F/stop really worth double the money ?

Any comments or suggestions are more than welcome, I am open suggestions from other brands such as SIGMA or TAMRON as well
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2021.09.18 20:57 wolfieblair My (20F) cousin (28M) wants a romantic relationship with me but I don’t want to. I don’t want to ruin our family. Please help.

This is gonna be a ride, and please, I REALLY need advice because I don’t know what to do. I feel like I’m backed into a corner and I’m genuinely wondering if I should tell anyone in my family about this.
About two weeks ago, my (20F) cousin (28M) and his family came to my city and stayed at our house. We would tease each other every time we meet but it was always in good nature, like how siblings would. Also, we rarely see each other, maybe twice a year, since he lives in a smaller, far away city.
One night, he and I got to talking inside his car when the rest of our family was already asleep. I admit, I may also be the one at fault here because I, I think, purposely started telling him about the guys I’ve kissed. He told me he hasn’t had another girlfriend since he and his ex broke up in 2012/2013 and she was the only person he’s ever kissed. He is also extremely religious (the irony) so he said he doesn’t want to have premarital sex. I also said that I’m still a virgin, though I’m not necessarily waiting for marriage to have sex, just the right person. I knew he wanted to kiss me in that car but my idiot brain didn’t want to get out anyway. I should probably say here that I’ve had the tiniest crush on him. Like seriously TINY crush. I guess I just wanted to know what it felt like once. Never in my wildest dreams that my religious, silent, cool cousin would actually kiss me. Long story short, he did kiss me and we made out until like 5 AM while talking about deep shit in between. He also groped my ass and chest, but I did NOT let him get any further. He admitted that I was the first girl he ever felt up.
He freaked out, said how he couldn’t believe his second kiss was with his “kid cousin.” That’s literally what he said, but then proceeded to kiss me again, obviously. I tried to laugh it off, making it seem like it wasn’t a big deal for me, but deep down, it was. Not like I had feelings for him, but I was deathly afraid of how our dynamic would change.
Well, he went home 2 days later and he had asked for my number before he did. We texted every day since and talked on the phone most nights and at first, it was, admittedly, exciting. Like this rush I’ve never felt before and I felt “safe” because he’s always going on and on that he wants to get married someday and I fully disclosed to him that I’m also in love with someone else. I thought, “okay, maybe we’ll just be each other’s best friend.”
Fast-forward to yesterday, I began to feel this immense guilt and weight on me. I feel like he’s changing, like he has feelings for me and the way we’ve been constantly talking seems like he’s trying to make our relationship into a romantic one. When he didn’t text me yesterday, I felt like I could breathe for the first time. Then today, he texted me and my heart dropped; the weight and pressure was back on. I talked to my friend (didn’t tell her that the guy is my cousin, obvi) and she said to avoid a guy, just give subtle hints by not replying to his texts for a long time and say as little as possible. I took her advice but he seems to be persistent. Fifteen minutes ago as I’m writing this, he called me and for the first time, I ignored it and let him think I’ve fallen asleep. He’s also been dropping hints that we should go to the movies someday because he’ll most likely come again in November.
He had asked me if I regretted our kiss two days after it happened and I said no. It wasn’t a lie. I just don’t know how to tell him that I’ve changed my mind. I feel disgusted at what we did and I want the relationship we had before we kissed, the normal relationship that NORMAL cousins have. I don’t like the direction he’s trying to push us towards now. I know if I tell someone from our family, it would destroy us. I’ve been molested as a child before by a family member so I know my mom will take this the hardest. But I just don’t know how to make this stop.
My cousin is kind, caring, and the perfect son. I can’t believe I’ve turned him into something like this. I can’t believe I’ve probably wrecked our relationship to the point of no return. Please help me. I feel like I’m drowning and all I want is to just go back to the way it was. What can I do to make this stop but also keep our family from knowing and not hurt him at the same time?
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2021.09.18 20:57 CMStan1313 The Sign of Three Observations

There's a moment when John and Mary are talking in the kitchen about how Sherlock is working himself into a frenzy with nerves before the wedding. I just love the way that Mary can tell he's internally freaking out and she and John know how best to distract him so he can focus his nervous energy. It's like he's their child, which is made all the better when Sherlock confirms it at the end of the episode by saying "You’re hardly gonna need me around now that you’ve got a real baby on the way"
The smile Sherlock gives after making the "You’re hardly gonna need me around now that you’ve got a real baby on the way" joke is fantastic when you remember where he was at the beginning of the show. I counted, he gives 3 genuine smiles throughout the entire 1st episode and they're all small or mostly concealed; this is Sherlock letting his guard down completely and just feeling the emotion of the moment. He's come such a long way!
Sherlock better have delivered on that headless nun for Archie!
Sherlock handcuffs the photographer to a bar, meaning he either came prepared with his own set of handcuffs or he pickpocketed Lestrade at some point during the day XD
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2021.09.18 20:57 HamsterTop I make comics that give you an Australian accent [OC]

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2021.09.18 20:57 Superkriss0911 Finally getting xenoblade definitive edition after having played xenoblade 2 and torna

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2021.09.18 20:57 loweredct On trichome watch👀 Slurricane wrapping up week 9, eyeing Friday (9/24) for chop.

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2021.09.18 20:57 SirWobblyOfSausage So I was just having fun playing, I beat someone then it exploded and I came second, while everyone else was still playing? Oh and I lost points.

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2021.09.18 20:57 Foshizzlemynizzle90 Mesprit on me. Trying to add 10, starting in 3min

8414 9284 5366
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2021.09.18 20:57 dyers-sbeve YOU ARE NOT SMOOTH

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2021.09.18 20:57 dani_gxoxo is this a faint positive? How soon can I test again??

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2021.09.18 20:57 ulu5 Hawaii QBs Leading College Football

Hawaii QBs Leading College Football Three out of the top five QBs in the country, in terms of passing yards, are Hawaii boys. Congrats to all three young men, way to make the state proud!!
Taulia Tagovailoa (MD) - Kapolei High School
Chevan Cordeiro (UH) - St. Louis High School
Dillon Gabriel (UCF) - Mililani High School

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2021.09.18 20:57 enterming The most WTF Python code I've ever seen

The most WTF Python code I've ever seen Link to source thread
printf, braces? How does this even work. Seriously, it looks like someone wrote C in Python?
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2021.09.18 20:57 TheNextBlGThing Carmella

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2021.09.18 20:57 Pog3566544 26M Issues Swallowing Due to Loss of Sensation in back of throat/back of neck

Age - 26
Sex - Male
Height - 67 Inches
Weight - 145
I have been to a gastro doctor and to an ENT and they have not been able to help me out. I have a fear of swallowing due to loss of sensation somewhere in the back of my throat or around that general area. It just doesn't feel right and I take a really long time to eat and it's affecting my life.
It all started about a year ago.
My symptoms are: Dry mouth and throat, numbness along my right side of my spine and anus sometimes, numbness on the right side of scapula and the base of my neck and somewhere around my ear.
Something really weird is that a few months ago I did a deep squat and temporarily gained sensation back in my head/neck area but I can't replicate it again.
Another note is that 2 months prior to the swallowing issues, I was going to bed and threw my self on my bed pretty hard. My head jostled when it hit the bed and I immediately suffered from vertigo for a few hours. I'm not sure if this is related but my issues with the swallowing started 2 months after this event.
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