Day Labor

2021.09.18 21:38 UncommonMonk Day Labor

Where can I find daily labor to help with work around the property?
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2021.09.18 21:38 Twitch-Primes Twitch chat when Asmongold is gone for a day!

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2021.09.18 21:38 bws5608 Config for Controller Behavior for Main Menu in Mini UI?

Is there a config or other way of changing controller behavior for the main menu/mini UI? E.g., button mapping or which port/controller controls the menu, and which buttons do what?
Would love to find a way to make by BlueZ-otg connected controller the primary even if some Clovercons are also plugged into the mini.
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2021.09.18 21:38 MerePotato Gits 1995 and Continuity of Consciousness/Subjective Experience

So this is something I've been pondering since rewatching GITS in Imax today. Do you think the Major as an entity retains continuity of consciousness/subjective experience at the end of the original 1995 GITS movie, or do you think that ceases once she merges with the puppet master, with the new being resulting from that merge being a fresh start/reboot in terms of stream of consciousness and experience?
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2021.09.18 21:38 Xyntel What would you guys say is the best RPG Campaign Manager currently? Or ranked.

What would you guys say is the best RPG Campaign Manager currently?
Examples being World Anvil and Legend Keeper.
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2021.09.18 21:38 FuckRedditMM93 Aftermarket Rims and Tires

Recently mounted a set of Motegi MR118s to my 16 Tiguan. My question is whether or not there is a way to disable the tire pressure warning lights or not? When I get home I'm gonna try and trick it into thinking it's supposed to be set at zero. But I'm wondering if there's a way to permanently disable the system. I could just buy new tire sensors but I don't wanna bother if I don't have to. It's just a little lightbulb that blinks.
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2021.09.18 21:38 Low-Figure-6424 Yes Money Makes The Differences

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2021.09.18 21:38 floralditsychick $10/hr UPDATE

So I did end up asking for a raise. I asked for around 14/15 an hour and they got back to me saying they could to 12/hr. With “light cleaning” even though I already do that.
I’m just frustrated right now and feel like no matter what I do I won’t get what I deserve. What are y’all’s thoughts??
They also said I could get a higher raise when I get my license and take the kids places. I don’t see why this is needed. I’m already taking them to the park daily and sometimes the pool, and only have the 1 year old right now. (I have almost 4 years of experience).
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2021.09.18 21:38 get-rick_rolled-- Do you read books out of enjoyment?

The last book that I finished out of enjoyment was in 7th or 8th grade and it was about a kid who got stuck inside a vr headset playing Minecraft hardcore. Now I’m forced to read Bone Gap which I think is about 500+ pages, I’m currently on page 124
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2021.09.18 21:38 idk_how_to_ food issues

I'm so tired. I thought that i was better but i'm not. I feel like if i don't force myself to eat i will give up and just turn into a pile of mashed potatoes. But everytime that i eat i get this feeling that it's wrong and that i'm overeating. Seriously, i had 1 piece of bread for breakfast, and i felt like i ate too much. I feel so fat so fat so fat so fat even though i only weight like 40/50 kg. I haven't told anyone about this yet
If you're my 1 follower with the kokichi pfp i'm so sorry about this depressing m&m salad
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2021.09.18 21:38 Cop-To-Be Some things I drew

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2021.09.18 21:38 Ablative12-7 One thing that I am feeling is cunnilingus-ish.

One thing that I am feeling
is cunnilingus-ish
I would like
very much
to perform
to perform
I want and desire to perform
on you
I like your shaved legs you see
they attract me
they definitely tend to me
opening up so generously
right at the top
in the middle
this is the cunt you see
the cunnilingus
brunt of be
the right of me
with you
you are ready too I see
and self admittedly
here and now
and from me.
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2021.09.18 21:38 JavaleONeal Lost & Found , a free to use emotional hiphop type beat. i appreciate anybody who takes the time out to listen and support :) im also open to working with anybody!

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2021.09.18 21:38 wack_sparrow Was smells like teen spirit dlc in ghwt on Wii?

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2021.09.18 21:38 Logical_Mulberry6943 add water

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2021.09.18 21:38 Soappmann My updated results compared to my paternal aunt and maternal grandfather's results.

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2021.09.18 21:38 Miserable_Corner2344 Disappearing act?

I kid you not, yesterday my external hemorrhoid was gone .. and today it’s back and so painful… does that happen?! The mind F of these things is wild
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2021.09.18 21:38 P_clark1990 Looking for Uxie and Mesprit raids add me please

Looking for Uxie and Mesprit raids add me please 4075 9870 5693
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2021.09.18 21:38 bannannaboy Does VGA do batch orders ?

I have 5-10 games that I would like to get graded but vga pricing is pretty steep. Does anyone know about batch order through them?
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2021.09.18 21:38 Zethsc2 Developers on why AOE Online failed - AOE 4 is in danger of the same fate

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2021.09.18 21:38 Marker-macaroni-423 BoNk

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2021.09.18 21:38 thegiftedstars [US][Selling] BJ Alex Manhwa Set

I’m selling volumes 1-4 of BJ Alex it’s new (never been read) on huge discount for $75 free shipping in US. Only books included.
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2021.09.18 21:38 Yuxxef Where does the energy of a magnet come from?

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2021.09.18 21:38 Fourforearms Is Minocycline negatively impacted by vitamin D and vitamin K supplements when all three are taken together at the same time?

I've stopped consuming dairy close to the time of taking Minocycline since them containing Calcium has completely skipped my mind.
But yes, taking all three together would save a lot of time and effort.
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2021.09.18 21:38 whimsicalsprites [Japanese > English] What does this say? Does anyone know if this is of value? Google Translate seems to think it says prime Minister's Award somewhere, but I can't make out much else that makes sense to me.

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