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2021.09.18 22:11 ShortAlgo $ATNM Waiting for Short signal on ATNM with https://t.co/yV6BCXxMw6 https://t.co/ulMOa55bog

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2021.09.18 22:11 GarySmith43 The supply is tight and we will restore the original price, there is not much left, sales are fast, hurry up. 👉 This can opener CAN open everything. 👉 It's adjustable and can fit any can size. Made of stainless steel. (diameter must be between 2 cm and 10 cm) 👉 It is designed to last for year

The supply is tight and we will restore the original price, there is not much left, sales are fast, hurry up. 👉 This can opener CAN open everything. 👉 It's adjustable and can fit any can size. Made of stainless steel. (diameter must be between 2 cm and 10 cm) 👉 It is designed to last for year submitted by GarySmith43 to ddfese [link] [comments]

2021.09.18 22:11 BrenardPrime Brenard.

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2021.09.18 22:11 FrontpageWatch2020 [#224|+5212|48] I think he wants something [r/aww]

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2021.09.18 22:11 PsychologicalUse6274 Need help writing a rhetorical analysis for Mike Rose "Blue Collard -Brilliance"

Hello. I'm having trouble trying to write a rhetorical analysis for an article. I've read the article already and I'm just having trouble trying to understand the context of the assignment My prompt is that I have to write an essay that summarizes Mike Rose’s “Blue Collar Brilliance” and then offers your own response and make sure you accomplish both steps of this two-step process: first give an overview of what Rose writes in his essay, then point to at least one particular claim and engage with it in more detail.
Can anyone please be willing to help me for free?
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2021.09.18 22:11 Plastic_Cable2079 What exactly would be the benefit of installing of linux if I am into programming and software development ?

Hi all, I hope you are having a nice day. For my introduction, I have just joined college and I will be majoring in Computer science and engineering. What I am reading on the internet here is that linux is a better operating system if you are into software development etc etc. However I want to know is there really a need for me to dual boot linux on my device.
I will be making projects in C++, Java and Python for the most part. Coming to development I will be learning how to make web applications and learn languages like typescript, libraries like react and use django for backend. Do I really need to install linux or can I have it easy on windows. At the moment I am using windows 10 and have environment set up for various programming languages in Visual Studio Code
So will it be worth it dual booting linux on my device or I will be able to do everything on windows.
Thanks all, have a nice day
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2021.09.18 22:11 Crypto_Crusher You know this guy?

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2021.09.18 22:11 West_Media5808 Queen is a god

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2021.09.18 22:11 FrontpageWatch2020 [#165|+2817|51] Balintore Castle - Scotland [r/AbandonedPorn]

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2021.09.18 22:11 Guywithafattit Mind being a mindfuck

Ok, so I finally have enough karma to post this. So I was always a mentally sound child who loved to play outside and spend time in nature even if I sucked playing or got pricked by a wild plant and developed allergies or something. But after lockdown, I caught COVID and since new mutant strains went rampant, I was strictly not allowed to go out of the house. The only time I was allowed was to get groceries and snacks, but then the poor lovely street dogs on the complex ground chase me for a mile and me being a slow runner can never outpace them and they start biting me, so I sometimes juke them by yeeting biscuits at a large distance from me, them chasing and fighting for those biscuits and me running asap. All good.
But the real problem is the isolated nature. My house is rather small and I am being slightly irritated by staring at the same laptop, same walls, same tiles again and again. It gets worse. JEETards usually get rest and peace while sleeping. I do get that, but the past 4-5 months have been horrendous for me. I am watching disturbing and weird dreams. I watched a dream of me and my cousins traveling in a car, them opening the door beside me and pushing me away into the road, my hitting my head hard and watching them, I remember that the driver was drunk and he gets distracted, he crashed into a huge wall like obstruction and my cousins getting launched out of the car and burning insanely, with their skulls cracked open and brain organs gushing out like molten liquid as I walk towards them. Suddenly two cops pull me over for this mess and I get sent to jail, no one trusting me that it was not my fault at all. Mind you this was a really really large dream I could not wake up from, I really dunno how dreams work but this is all I remember from that insane dream. The next day after watching this dream, I watch another long dream, of me casually enjoying Astrophysics and solving Astrophysics books on my expensive laptop when suddenly my IIT B roommates (who I would assume are not diligent and clever students from what I could make out of this mess) rushing at me and offering me a bottle (and not a cup, whole bottle) bourbon they snuck in from an event in IIT B. I refuse politely, saying that I am genuinely not interested in drinks in general, I hardly drink anything apart from milk or water. That helps me in different ways. They place a sachet of cocaine then, I start shaking but the 2 roommates look livid at my rejection. I again politely say no and asked them to play a game with me, perhaps like Minecraft or Valorant or UNO Duos. They leave the door and bring in few more bottles, but this time empty. They start smashing me with their bottles and lash at me with their belts. Then they steal my computer and start sending insane mad messages to people through my Whatsapp Web and leave. I hardly could move. The way I know it is Whatsapp Web is because of the dark mode, I use only Whatsapp on dark mode, not Reddit. It was hazy but I think it was Whatsapp Web. Then people enter my room to see me alone, on my bed, dying to death. A person, who I would assume is a professor looking at the formal clothes, spits on me saying people like me are a big disgrace to India and should have been aborted (this hits hard considering I think I am a large disgrace and I would have been much much big had I put in a few more hours of hard work every day) I get scared and do not sleep for two days. A few days later, I watch another dream. This time, I am playing for CSK against MI In a final, I am judging based on the blue jerseys I saw. This was really long, like an endless, timeless dream. We lose an appeal in the first over to a shitty knick on the bat case where we thought it was bat contacting the ball, but it was just ground and bat contact. But the umpire was a mad fuck. I bowled out the left-handed batsman 3 times in a row but he denied me. Upon asking the reason, he stood there like a stone and keep staring, pointing me at his watch and that we could get fined large. He gave no reason. We gave up. Even basic catches were denied wickets. We protested, but sure I would not like to see Dhoni end his IPL career like this (I dunno why but I think this was a part of the dream even though it was not) and then I was rejected two wonderful career-ending (for the batsman) wickets, one was an inswinging yorker straight bailing out the middle stump and the second was an oddly satisfying reverse swing. The umpire gave excuses like [Insert player name I do not remember] was on the pitch whereas the player was standing at cow corner. I was confused. I start sprinting faster than usual, feeling the wind breeze getting faster every second and lash the ball towards the batsman. This time, something strange happened. The ball was too quick to be true. 170+ kmph. It instantly broke the batsman's faulty center guard but then the batsman's testes get hit so hard that they burst loudly in front of us, one of them falling to the ground through the aperture in the batsman's scrotum. I instantly felt dizzy with that speed and it felt like something a person would face during a concussion. I was really confused but even in an unconscious state, I can hear the batsman crying and whining out loud like a child. I start getting beaten by the non-striker and I wake up irl, hearing I missed the first class, followed by a tight slap.
I am really confused how I was able to hear those sounds and remember all those events vividly, apparently, I think I am cursed, I can hardly remember my proud moments because they were meh and frequent but can vividly remember all my dark and cringy and extremely cringy past moments exactly like you are supposed to remember JEE stuff, and this means I keep on forgetting my JEE stuff repetitively. I am unsure what just happened in a span of a week but I am really confused. I start revising stuff after few days of spending my time on a successful recovery. Few days later, I watch a dream which is at least million times worse than all the above dreams I saw but they all involved death, murder, violence and disgrace. And me losing all of my success in mere seconds. I fucked up one test because of this shit. Now if I open up to someone about this, without knowing the mechanisms of a dream and simultaneously a nightmare without experiencing it before would make them think I am giving excuses for my horrible JEE Result, and that I should be beaten for not paying attention and missing few classes.
Before lockdown, I used to dream of stuff like going to IMO in a foreign country and getting a silver medal and attributing it to my now late grandma who died without even seeing me pass my 10th and 12th grade who wished to see me become a grown man who was loved and respected by all, and who is known by everyone in the community I work in and she was being known as my grandma (she definitely outlived all my grandparents by at least 5-6 years). But this, apparently this fuckup is happening to me. Honestly, I sometimes wonder how tf can brain think of such extreme scenarios that probably I will never witness in decades, and why. Honestly, these scenarios look possible, yes I did dream of joining the ranks of IIT, I did dream of bowling in IPL and impressing everyone with my clever and annoying variations. But damn this is a massive step in the wrong direction. But few days ago, very recently, perhaps a week ago, I saw something much worse, so much worse that I probably went unconscious while sleeping, I dunno how tf to explain it but I was asleep and I cba to remember what tf happened. What I saw was only 3 min long, but enough to scare young me to go to a kitchen, take two sharp knifes, one in each hand and contemplate whether to live or not, to think if this is a possible warning of the events in the future. I chose not to stab me, thinking about the only good memories I had, the times when I was 6-7 and I used to help my mom and she bought me a lot of ice creams and chips that I enjoyed after a long year of not eating outside foods owing to health concerns. I thought "huh, so you took a knife alll for this reason, knowing that your mum loved you beyond what JEETards love Pokhu Daddy or Pogi. Probably go to a therapist" But I HATE THERAPISTS. The reason is that my dreams are too mad and livid and outrageous for me to talk about because I am usually a docile sheep in front of everyone I know except a few friends. But not to this subreddit due to an ongoing phase of POGI pseudo-fetish (effects of JEE : Inability to express stuff properly) and just that I do not want to be enclosed in another small space, not that I am claustrophobic but I am tired of staring at faces, laptops, tiles and walls and books.
I tried not sleeping at night and sleep after JEE class, which could help me relax. But fuck me, I am extremely asleep during classes and I feel like my eyes are gonna pop out of my fragile eye socket if I do not sleep. I think I may fuck up math and physics in the process.
Help me, lads. What do I do? I cannot report this to anyone who personally knows me, I do not want them to know this. It is strict. I probably would tell this to my friends after JEE Mains and Advanced because everyone is fucked up. If you say meditation, I have tried every relaxing method but after few seconds, I get relaxed, think of IIT, and then that IIT dream starts forcing its way and gains my attention even if I try to ignore it, if I think of IPL then the IPL dream starts forcing its way and gains my attention. I cannot even think of anything, probably because there is a bad dream I once watched linked to it.
This is not a lie, not a shitpost, and not a copypasta. Thanks, lads(/lasses? I can not recall English words, blaming JEE here(. I am posting here because everyone seems to be fucked up and depressed here, but this is such a specific but horrendous level of depression that I think you guys can try to help me here with weird but working ways. My hands are paining from writing this but hopefully you guys appreciate my effort.
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2021.09.18 22:11 PriestOfTheMoon Sup guys? Clean here, just thinking about it how's y'all?

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2021.09.18 22:11 Vitones91 What is the ideal chance of losing a character?

A character's death often involves several factors in sequence, such as being low on health, receiving a critical hit, and then receiving high damage dice. Damage that can exceed a negative hit point threshold and lead to death.

That said, in a game where a critical hit can kill a character, what is the fair percentage for a player to lose their character in a single critical hit?

Think something between 0.1% to 5%?

What do you think about this?
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2021.09.18 22:11 Harlesb44 I. Am. Ready!!

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2021.09.18 22:11 xoddreddit Absolutely massive building on my campus

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2021.09.18 22:11 Hairy-Supermarket-72 My girlfriend gets mad at me when I don’t want to hang out with her

I [m/17] have been dating my girlfriend for about two years now and we have always hung out a lot do to the mass of our relationship being during quarantine. But now coming out of that I realize she has some serious attachment issues. I’ve tried to talk to her about this before and she says she will try and then she just goes back to getting upset. It’s not like I don’t want to hang out with her, I ask for a day or two every two weeks. She makes it out to be the biggest deal, she cries and acts like I’ve done something horrible to her every time. I know that she cannot change because I have tried talking to her about this many times and no good has come of it. I feel extremely smothered and almost trapped.
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2021.09.18 22:11 kira156 [For Hire] Full Stack Web Developer, Proficient In React and Nodejs

Hi, I'm a full stack web developer with good experience in developing web apps using React and Nodejs (MERN stack).
Here are some of my projects:
https://secure-inlet-99281.herokuapp.com A social media website with many features such as follow, like, comment, etc. The website implements server side rendering for faster load times and better SEO.
https://protected-refuge-86025.herokuapp.com A chat application utilizing socket.io for real-time communication and Redux for complex state management.
GitHub account: https://github.com/snake-eaterr
My pricing system is project based. My average charge for a website is $400, but that could be higher or lower depending on the features/complexity/size of the website. Don't hesitate to reach out with your budget and we'll negotiate for a sweet spot.
I prefer milestone payments where I will push live versions of the application as it's being developed for you to see and give feedback on if any.
I value good communication because I think it contributes to the quality of the final product.
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2021.09.18 22:11 JrizkSock Live in south eastern Wisconsin. What is this?

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