Some ships not compatible with 32nd C. vanity shield.

2021.09.18 22:10 -MrCicero- Some ships not compatible with 32nd C. vanity shield.

Some ships I own, like the Paladin and Narendra don’t work with the the aforementioned vanity shield. Is this a known glitch?
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2021.09.18 22:10 Ppalladdinn1 Whose Axe is Better

Out of all the axe wielding Fighters
View Poll
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2021.09.18 22:10 mikelangeloMC was the song ''your man'' by Down With Webster ever used in an episode?

i feel like i recognize it...
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2021.09.18 22:10 00100723 When are brawl o ween skins coming??????

Does someone know when are the brawl o ween skins coming back this year?
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2021.09.18 22:10 Cyrrior I’m so excited for Pokémon Legends! Stitched the starters

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2021.09.18 22:10 EarthtoJulian What is your favourite beer?

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2021.09.18 22:10 yzisano High latency on middle east

I am priority user on Geforce now. I am playing from Israel and there is every 5 minutes high latency alert. Which server should i log on to?
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2021.09.18 22:10 MicioMarco2009 Re-Posting in this sub about my pikmin plushies day 2:Olimar and Sacho get excorted in the bunker by winglord

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2021.09.18 22:10 vanilla_bunnie 2k comm for Ionicabc !! 🦋

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2021.09.18 22:10 HotBus3942 Stacking Silver & Gold is My Responsibility! (Financial Prepping)

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2021.09.18 22:10 SgtAstralZeneca Our Commandments:

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2021.09.18 22:10 CringeCrossposterBot Post by u/No_Lie6797 in /r/TikTokCringe

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2021.09.18 22:10 Embarrassed_Yam_3534 im in the middle of a civil war while trying to save a city I have made new allies. (Every year a city near my town disappears part 2)

we ran out of the city because of the collapse of the city and the city getting burned. we sadly had to leaver the wendigo elder behind for a couple of days to even have a chance of survival.

15 percent of the forest burned to the ground.

60 percent of the forest was burned but not destroyed.

and 25 percent of the forest untouched by the fire.

we went to my mother's and she saw everything on the news the forest burning, the collapse of the city, and finally the democratic republic pushing the republic out of the city, and the city getting completely destroyed.

Hi mom how are you doing i asked my mom?

How are you even alive my mom asked me back?

its a long story i said.

we went inside and watched the chaos on the tv.

that's, when we found out the democratic republic, took the city, and the republic was on the brink of collapse.

oh my god my mother said.

we waited a couple of days and the sky slowly got red and smoggy because of the fire, and ash from the forest which was around 10 miles from the town and right next to the city. the city was gone,what we tried to save was gone forever\

we need to end this war the elder said when he saw.

how i asked?

any way thats needed to finish this is enough George said.

we got in my mom's car and drove to the forest. we finally arrived in the forest and what we saw was horrific.

there were fire everywhere skulls of cryptids humans and animals alike.

wtf happened here I asked.

I have no idea the elder said

I think that the portal malfunctioned and brought things from hell, and those things burned everything to the ground Mikey said.

I don't think we can save a destroyed city at this point, maybe we can save it from destruction next year but not now George replied.

we drove deeper into the forest just to see more graveyards from previous battlefields.

I think a battle killed off the population in this area the elder said.

I haven't seen another living creature for hours I replyed.

we aren't even that deep into the forest Emily said.

we drove deeper for a couple of minutes until we found a regimen of around 4500 soldiers.

hello general norton the elder greeted.

hello my friend who are these travelers you brought with you the general said.

they are soldiers fighting in the war the elder replied

i guess you could say that i butted in.

well, could we stay here the elder asked?

of course, Norton replied, but please stay with us, we will need the workforce for this war.

ok, that's fine we all agreed.

in the next couple of days, we could hear the sound of screams and screeches in the distance, with the sound of artillery and machine guns.

i feel so bad for those living creatures i said.

some of them are also human and animalistic the elder replied.

oh right i said back sad about what's happening.

Emily you were right i said.

how she replied.

you told me i would regret coming here.

you did cause a battle that killed over 750,000 cryptids, and over 540,000 humans, and finally around 100,000 intelligent animals from their own tribes.

thats around 1,300,000 dead in a single battle i said horrified.'

i know its terrifying the elder replied.

we stayed at the base of the regimen for a few more days until we packed up and left for another voyage with the rest of the regimen.

we ran into several skirmishes and one of them makes me need therapy and counseling to this day almost 2 years after I got out of that hellhole of a town.

Before we started the same voyage the elder stopped and started pleading with the general.

please commander it is a trap we cant go there the elder begged.

i know what im doing the commander lashed out at the elder


shut the hell up you weak pathetic useless pile of shit the commander snarled.

the next day we walked into the battlefield and i swear to this day that I saw a glimpse of hell.

we had traveled for around 40 miles and then it happened artillery rained from the sky blowing up everywhere making it impossible to see, while the enemy was creeping up to us.

The next thing we knew the whole battlefield was ablaze.

BURN THIS FOREST TO THE FUCKING GROUND IF YOU HAVE TO I heard the commander scream at around 3000 soldiers to burn the forest.

the forest burned while around 1500 soldiers couldn't have any chances of holding the line they were sent to a literal fucking slaughterhouse to die in, or burn to death, or even get slaughtered by the enemy.

/GET DOWN!!!! I screamed before a shell exploded just around 30 feet from me giving me some small first-degree burns.

EVERYONE RUN I heard Mikey scream to all civilians on the frontlines which we had around 700 civilians with us.

I could see soldiers falling within the dozens, and that's when I realized that every death meant the republic is getting closer and closer to death.
it is simply inevitable this republic will die eventually, and the new democratic republic will win, or the city-eating creatures will destroy both. Thats when i snapped out of my mind when a shell smashed and a tree flew and fell around 20 feet away. BOOM the battlefield was shaken to its very core. thats when i ran up to Emily and saw fear in her eyes she was frozen too. all of the soldiers from the democracy or the republic was horrifyed by what was happening.

three people and twocreatures came outand just when thathappened the us military that was with us went rogue.

WATCH OUT ITS 16 A gunfire rang out while both the democracy and the republic fought each other and themselves at the same time and just a little bit later three men walked out into the battlefield it looked like two park rangers and one sheriff theirbadges read wolf lake national park both US divisions went absolutely ballistic and casualties were in the thousands.

(these characters are not mine at all and they were created by mrmill45 and luke Heming way i am doing this for entertainment purposes)


Who the hell are you i barked back.

i am Brawn and there is a wendigo and three humans with me.

hello a doctor said while carrying a little girl.

hello a woman said.

where the hell are we a wendigo screamed at brawn.

now who the fuck is the park rangers.

im luke the youngest one said.

im phil the oldest one said.

im richard the sheriff said.

wait that wendigo looks like you aria whilepointing at aria.

wait are we in the twilight zone type shit or something.

both arias looked at eachother inquisitively, it was clear that they were questioning reality.

this is weird as hell aria said to brawn.

aria, me and you just got out of an arena in god knows where to battle and entertain some lizard people.

why are there two of the exact same creature Phil asked butting into the conversation.

to be honest both armies werent fighting and were lookingateachotherlike this

republic:did you cause this

democracy: no i didn't do this did you
republic WHAT!! no why would I ask you if I knew that I did it dumbass.

could our group and the guests go to talk i asked the the elder?

he answered sure.

we all walked around 500 feet and we could hear the gunfire and shells firing and hitting in the distance.

so why are there two of the exact same wendigos brawn asked to break the silence.

i have no idea brian said running up to us with his girlfriend aria.

we will call them aria and aria B

aria is brawns friend and aria B is brians girlfriend.

we should find a safe place this forest is dangerous, even more dangerous then everything else.

wait you guys have humans with you i asked.

yes a man said with his child,
im doctor john and my daughter is niletia.

hello im jenny a young woman answered.

so why is everyone here exactly.

we wanted to keep away from the us government its been hunting us for months brawn answered

we have been trying to find a way to destroy a monster that does unspeakable things to young children the sheriff answered.

okay now I'm interested brawn said excited.

we decided to walk back to our commander and elder.

so how did the trip go the elder asked as soon as we got back.

good Mikey answered.

everyone just nodded.

so why did the us government go absolutely insane.= the elder asked.

because some of us are partnered with it or trying to run from it luke answered.

well is the battle over aria asked trying to end the conversation.

yes the elder answered.

well are we going to start transporting goods now to the main army yet i asked.

yes the commander interrupted.

well we better get a move on then the elder answered.

Brawn answered good we can finally find that child murderer.

nah he is stationed at a national park several hundred miles away luke answered.

All alright enough chit chat lets go Emily barked.

we started our journey.

we went for several hours and we started fun conversations, with the rangers talking to brawn and their gang about what they are facing.

wait so your monsters created by the government to protect us luke asked?

yup we have been on the run for around 8 to 9 months we had close calls here and there.'

thats when the elder looked at me and handed me a piece of paper.

read it now son.\

OOOOOOHHH YOUR IN TROUBLE the rangers and the gang said all in unison.

i opened the piece of paper and it said.

list of rules for survival in the cryptic civil war.

Rule 1
if any of the commanders start talkign about something called a great leap forward you better pray to god for mercy because shits gonna get rough on the road.

rule 2 if you find yourself alone after you sleep scream gonna as many times as you can until you pass out. yes, it might be painful to pass out due to lack of oxygen but it will be a seemingly painless death compared to what the creatures in the forest will do to you.

rule 3
God forbid that it starts raining blood just hide all armies are scared of this a creature named Kimberly will find squad by squad and rip them apart.

rule 4
if you find people freezing to death in the summer during a heatwave find shelter immediately if not then you will be with the millions of lives lost during these gigantic massacres.

rule 5
if winter comes don't touch frozen bodies it isn't what you think it is.

rule 6
if you find yourself alone in the forest with shadow figures find whatever you can and kill yourself if not you will die due to the most long and most painful death imaginable.

rule 7
if animals around you attack you for no reason escape the forest and abandon ship shits about to get bloody

rule 8 remember this has never happened
if you ever see a fourth faction on the map get your entire army to burn the forest to the ground if not millions will die and there will be no winners.

i looked at the elder shocked and back to Brawn and Luke with a horrified look.
its been several hours and we are heading to the biggest front in the battlefront the death rate is about 97 percent wish me luck.
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2021.09.18 22:10 Downtown-Stand1109 Gameboy And gameboy color

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2021.09.18 22:10 KingofTheEasts Expats in Saudi Arabia welcome call for business fees for hiring them to be proportionate to wages ( existence tax next let go!!!!)

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2021.09.18 22:10 picofnfreal Interesting

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2021.09.18 22:10 Nixie9 Are those bay leaves? Is Ruby making a soup?

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2021.09.18 22:10 ariix48 There needs to be more realistic farm life game like AWL/AnWL

So I'm a long time HM/SoS fan, but no matter how many games I've played I always will come back to AWL/AnWL, and recently I came back to it and I just need to pour my love and appreciation for it. That game just have some kind of nostalgia and comfort in it, I just cant never get tired replaying the first 2 years.
First of, the gameplay. The game started out VERY hard (if you don't abuse any glitch) which really captures the feel of someone who starting out farming with no clue whatsoever. The game vaguely tells you the mechanic and you can only learn it via reading notes, talk to people, and experimentation. Other farm sim games tend to only keep you poor and helpless for max 1 season, but this game makes you (in my experience) still too poor for the entire year. You are on limited budget, your crops grow very slowly, your cow(s) which is probably your only trusted source of income can only give you so much milk before stopping by the end of the year, and not to mention your character would just constantly fall on their knees of exhaustion during working. Some may argue it is frustrating but for me it's what makes it very satisfying when you finally manage to build your empire. The trees you grow finally raining fruit, you no longer fall to your knees as you grew stronger, and thus money comes raining. But of course like all farm sim once you have too much money you can spend it gets boring, but this game manage to keep that off at least 3 years in, whereas other games in my experience 1 year was enough.
Next up is the social. The NPCs aren't just some decoration for your personal gain. They have their own struggles, and sometimes all you can do is just watch, listen, and symphatize. It just feels like you are not this heroic main character who can fix everyone's problems, but just another part of the villagers which why for me I feel comfortable in it.
Finally my absolute favorite part of this game is the family building. I find myself just stop playing after marriage because by that time I would've had everything. But in this game, marriage is simply just the start of new chapter. Your children can grow up, have aspiration, their own hobbies and career choices based on your actions. The NPC also does not become useless afterward, they also partly influenced your child's growth. And this game touched a very meaningful message of supporting your children dreams and be a responsible parent/person, otherwise you will reap the consequences.
There are still soo many little realistic mechanic in this games but I feel like I could write a whole novel if I talked all about it. My point is overall this game is just the perfect balance between realism but not too overwhelming. I've seen complaints where they say the village is too small, but I feel like it's what enhanced the content of this game. Had this game get any bigger I feel like it would be too overwhelming. Also the small selection of marriage candidates is what makes each character shine brightly (AnWL though, is another discussion) and none just be forgotten because they're all interesting and memorable. Of course, some stuff can be better like there needs to be more upgrades to your farm, how the population change should occur over the course of the years instead of only from year 1 to 2, your spouse may help you with your farm work, more variant dialogues by the NPCs relating to recent events, interactive festivals, and so on. I'm sure with recent game technology now those can be implemented. I'm definitely going to be so over the moon if these type of game mechanics produced is produced again.
This is quite a long rant, but I just have so much love for this game to other people. What do you guys think? Any mechanics you absolutely love in the game that you wish resurfaced again?
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2021.09.18 22:10 LilPeep1k Maybe it would help if we raised the minimum wage for the first time since 2007? Just a thought…

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2021.09.18 22:10 dravazay Happy Tree Friends Iceberg V3

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2021.09.18 22:10 peachelephantt rules for parking garages?

Okay, I’m almost certain I have searched the internet everywhere possible for a straight answer to this question, with no luck. Hopefully someone here can help.
basically, I just moved to LA a few weeks ago and just got an awesome job. There’s little to no parking near my job, but there are plenty of parking garages. of course those can add up, and a lot of them have limits. when I see most often is an hourly rate, and then a daily maximum followed by a certain dollar amount. to be specific, this is regarding parking garages on Beverly Drive.
my question is: when parking garages list a ‘daily maximum’, does that mean they stop charging you after a certain number of hours, or does that mean the maximum amount of hours you can stay? on one hand, I can’t see them not charging past a certain point, seeing that parking in LA finds every possible way to make money off of you, but then again I’m not sure how they would enforce the maximum parking time (unless they could ticket you or something). Hopefully this question makes sense. thank you in advance!
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2021.09.18 22:10 MechwarriorGrayDeath 2107 OSD client doesn't install.

Hi all. Since our upgrade to the current latest build 2107? Our task sequences no longer install the client. The smsts log states it's not installed, them passed the step of its deployment as code 0 and reboots the machine.
The machine does download the client, but no ccmsetup folder is created.
I've rebuild the client package but get the same results.
Anyone encountered the same?
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2021.09.18 22:10 KingdomPC Deacon Blue inspired meme

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2021.09.18 22:10 kaguura_g Kanye’s most misunderstood lyric ever

In his song “Breathe in Breath out “ Kanye says “I always had a Ph.D: a pretty huge dick.” Most people understood this as meaning that he has a relatively huge dick however the actual actual lyric is “ a pretty, huge dick “ meaning that he is endowed by a huge dick that is also quite attractive.
Ezekiel 23:20
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2021.09.18 22:10 formosan1986 S24 Best season ever?

the power boost with ethereal weapons and the extra passive adds so much variety to the builds. More variety in group runs too. I am having fun this season
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