Paimon is quite small

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2021.11.28 18:24 DanKarklin Paimon is quite small

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2021.11.28 18:24 AfghanHokie [I ate] Turkish Breakfast

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2021.11.28 18:24 freakingShane [XB1] H: AAE15r Railway, B2525 Handmade, and More Bundle W: Heavy Legacy

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2021.11.28 18:24 ramanps7 Berlin in a nutshell.

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2021.11.28 18:24 TheTheStutterer I have 43k in the bank -- car paid off, zero debts, no college education. I'd love to put a downpayment on a sub-100k cabin somewhere in the mountains (WV?) and live simply. How attainable is my dream?

I don't wants kids, marriage, or any of that. I mostly just want to read, draw, garden, walk in the woods, and play music. I hate working and don't care at all about accomplishing anything. I don't want to put a ding in the universe, #hustle, #grind, #girlbossgatekeepgaslight or any of that weird climber lizard person garbage. I just want my time intact
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2021.11.28 18:24 vicarofvintage Sara, why are you walking funny?

Because I have a a date tonight and my curlers are in.
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2021.11.28 18:24 xXNotxYourxHomeBoyxX Trading Flee the Facility Hammers and Gems DM me if your interested!!

Must be at least level 6 or up to enter trading area.
looking for
adopt me
roayle high
i do not take in game cash.
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2021.11.28 18:24 Ellzebellze This is what I think of the new kitten….

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2021.11.28 18:24 Car_Mobile [ARMA 3][Event] Operation New-Friends - Lupta Cu Terorismul Pt.4 Friday, 2021-12-03, 20:00 UTC

Calendar Details:|2021-12-03 20:00 UTC|Arma 3|Operation New-Friends|
[Thumbnail Pic]
Where? PA Arma 3 Server
When? [20:00 UTC]
[Join our discord!]
[Join the steam group!]
Get the mods through our custom mod downloader, [Swifty]
When should I update the mods? As soon as you can, PM me with issues.
Want more info? [LINK to our wiki]
Recommended reading:
If you have any issues with any of them, or anything really. Do not hesitate to contact me or any of the other helpers on teamspeak. Discord PM is the easiest way to get a hold of me.
Please take the time to watch our [Orientation Video]
After NATO forces ceased operations in Takistan the Insurgent State of Takistan (IST) started to swiftly regain control. While recapturing the towns the IST have taken Romanian officials hostages which lead to their death after Romanian S.I.A.S (Special Intervention and Actions Service) were tasked with the rescue. Following that Romanian Troops have started mobilising again in Takistan tasked with repaying the terrorists.
While Romanian SOF and SIAS were conducting missions in Takistan it was revealed that the US which was an ally of Romania through the North Atlantic Treaty was helping the IST regain control. This is where the story picks up:
After finding out that the U.S.A. were secretly helping the Insurgent State of Takistan by supplying weapons and equipment to them, Romania instantly cut all ties with the US and NATO. After hearing that, Russia got into contact with Romania offering to help us with the condition that we will help them in return with whatever they need. Romanian officials agreed and a new secret alliance was formed. The Russians will also be helping us with older equipment replaced by the Ratnik program.
The Russians have sent a small G.R.U. Spersnaz reconnaissance team formed of 6 men to help with the advance of the Romanian Forces inside Takistan. This team will be tasked with revealing enemy locations so that the Romanian Forces can advance and secure. The Russians will also be operating at their discretion being allowed to storm buildings and enemy settlements if needed. Whatever is required for the success of the mission.
[Romanian Armed Forces and Spetsnaz]
The IST is known to have absolutely no value for their lives or anyone around them, including civilian lives or value for cultural property or religion, therefore they are now called “The Insurgent State of Takistan” instead of “The Islamic State of Takistan”. They use IEDs, Mines, Tripwires, even tripwireing their own buildings as traps.
The Recon Team is tasked with studying the enemy and revealing positions for the Romanian Forces to attack and take control of. The Spetsnaz are allowed to operate at their own discretion if they believe its for the better of the mission.
This Operation uses Advanced Ballistics for immersion.
[Map of the AO]
The Spetsnaz Recon Team will be tasked with:

The Romanian Armed Forces will be tasked with:
Use this in your slotting comment:
IGN: SLOT: | Alpha | AR |
CO, squad leaders and special roles (All roles in bold letters) should join the teamspeak 30 minutes before the event starts for planning the mission.
If this is your first event with us we would also like to ask you to join 30 minutes early for a quick introduction to PA.
CO, 2IC, Squad Leaders and Fireteam Leaders will have long-range radios, the EODs will be engineers. Only the medics have medical abilities.
Pușcaș = Rifleman; Pușcaș Specialist = Rifleman specialized in demolition and EOD; Sanitar = Medic; Pușcaș Mitralior = LMG/HMG; Lunetist = Marksman; Cărăuș de muniție = Ammo Bearer.
Lider komandy = Squad Leader; Sanitar = Medic; Ekspert po snosu = demo expert; Pomoshchnik po snosu = demo assistant.
This list is not guaranteed to be up to date! Do a quick look through the comments to make sure your slot hasn't already been claimed.
You need to have played at least three events with us for all leadership and special roles like pilots or vehicle crew.

Role translations are above in the "Roles" section.
Centru De Control ---------- ----------
Comandant Suprem Chris PM md.63
GRU Spetsnaz ---------- ----------
Lider komandy AK-74M
Sanitar AK-74M
Operator As-Val
PKP Operator Pecheneg PKP
Ekspert po snosu SVDM
Pomoshchnik po snosu As-Val
Romanian Land Forces
Comandament (PLT CMD)
Comandant (CO) AK-74M
Comandant Secund (2iC) AKMS
Șef de echipa (SL) AKMS
Pușcaș AKS-74
Pușcaș AKMS
Sanitar AKMS
Șef de echipa de foc (FTL) RPK-74
Sanitar AKMS
Cărăuș de muniție AKS-74
Pușcaș Specialist AKS-74
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2021.11.28 18:24 agilitis1 Lofi For You

💤 Hello guys, I hope your are all doing well and studying. Here's my new one hour lofi hip hop mix, I hope you'll enjoy it as well as I did to make it 😏 . Sleep ell and have good dreams 💤
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2021.11.28 18:24 zenpal Voice Actor for Baseball Channel

The channel will begin by highlighting off-season free agent signings, with a promo video done for as many players as time provides.
I am looking for someone willing to stay with the channel for an extended period of time, and become the known voice for the channel. The gig will start off without pay, but the second the channel is monetized there will be fair profit sharing.

Why join me?
I am currently writing and editing for a large national broadcast in the U.S and Canada, so I have the skills necessary to create a polished video and not waste your time.

If interested please send a VO submission saying:

Yimi Garcia has the potential to be a consistent arm for a world series contention team. Last season he recorder a 4.21 ERA and a 3.88 FIP
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2021.11.28 18:24 designer__dreams Looking for a book about magic with glyphs and points of power

I’m trying to find a book I read I want to say about 14 years ago. The main character learns to use magic by imagining glyphs which I believe only he could do or it was way more powerful when he did it. There was also points of power where magic intersected in lines around the world and would amplify the magic done there. I also want to say near the end of the book there is a fight with orc/goblin like creatures possibly on a beach or near one
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2021.11.28 18:24 feedimo Manchester City beat snow and West Ham with Fernandinho goal

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2021.11.28 18:24 cheesesticksrat FTX Ekşi

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2021.11.28 18:24 Huracan941- Does the companion app have an appear offline feature?

Don’t wanna have to leave the clan to avoid being stalked by friends. Thanks for any advice
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2021.11.28 18:24 Chicky_Nug_Baby_Yoda Question:

Am I the only one that literally LOL’s when one of their Pikmin face plants? 😂
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2021.11.28 18:24 maffexem gn pog humans i go sleep sleep B)

ily and i need sleep stay safe and someone pleas keep wache for me and keep everyone safe gn <3
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2021.11.28 18:24 jobsinanywhere When is Ballon d'Or being announced and who'll win the 2021 prize?

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2021.11.28 18:24 zacharyfoxdale What's something you wish they didn't change from the books that they put or didn't put in the show?

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2021.11.28 18:24 gisyaoni Me

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2021.11.28 18:24 hilightnotes I looked through every Steam game on sale and picked 75 to recommend

75 games.
Organized into two major sections: games I've played and games I haven't or barely played.
Organized into subsections at my whim.
With 'games I haven't played' I am using my judgement, based on what I see of the game, based on reviews, based on feeling, to decide on a recommendation.
These recommendations reflect my personal taste.
Sometimes I've included a comment on the recommendation.
Don't be afraid to take risks! Remember, Steam has a no questions asked refund policy within 2 hours of playtime and 2 weeks of purchase.
Games I've Played
Subsection 1. Special recommendations
Particulate - 50% - $5
Beautiful. Accessible. Polished. Hard sell. Buy it.
Bean Stalker - 30% - $14
Lots of fun. Climbing system feels so great. Heights are intense. Long-lasting.
Maskmaker - 40% - $12
Adventure. Looks great. Runs great. Story-driven. Memorable with particularly mesmerizing moments.
Organ Quarter - 50% - $12.50
Lengthy horror adventure. Memorable. Great environment and creature design.
No Man's Sky - 50% - $30
Infinite sandbox adventure with story too. Fun and relaxing (especially 'late game'). Use my mod!
Paper Beast - 50% - $10
Abstract adventure with puzzle and sandbox elements. Very memorable, emotive, unique.
Thumper - 75% - $5
Intense, riveting rhythm game embodying a sense of determination against abstract horror.
Until You Fall - 30% - $17.50
Incredibly fun and physically active (good exercise! You'll sweat!), fantastic game design.
Subsection 2. Heavy discount + cheap + good = buy
Transference - 80% - $5
Exceptional audio-visual design.
Buzludzha VR - 75% - $3
ArtPulse - 90% - $1.29
Polybius - 70% - $2.09 (Everything, Everything Bundle - 40% - $7.33)
Intruders: Hide and Seek - 90% - $2
Requires gamepad.
Electronauts - %80 - $4
Arca's Path VR - 70% - $6
I love the minimalist storytelling in this one, that to me tells of a personal anti-colonial struggle.
Subsection 4. Stories
Falcon Age - 50% - $10
This would probably be in my 'special recommendations' except my play of it was interrupted and I haven't yet gone back to finish it.
A Fisherman's Tale - 40% - $9
Gloomy Eyes - 50% - $4.50
Katie - 50% - $1.50
Janky but I love this simple story game. It has overt religious messaging I disagree with, but that's ok.
Moss - 60% - $12
Pixel Ripped Series - 42% - $20.41
The Solus Project + The Ball - 20% - $18
I haven't played The Ball (flat). But the bundle gives 10% discount off The Solus Project. Great game.
Subsection 5. Creative/expressive
Tranzient - 30% - $14
Music creation.
DMT: Dynamic Music Tesseract - 15% - $4.24
Music visualizer. Use the experimental branch (right-click game->properties->betas), I think it's over a year ahead of public branch 😂
Luna - 34% - $9.90
Fujii - 30% -$10.50
Subsection 6. Small scale
Squingle - 25% - $11.25
This is great... except the final levels goddammit! They were so frustrating and just... not fun. I say this mostly as feedback to u/bio998 😅. Make no mistake, I recommend the game. Creative, fun, relaxing, replayable.
Art Plunge - 50% - $1
pleXus VR - %50 - $2.50
Ayahuasca - 66% - $4.41
Batman: Arkham VR - 75% - $5
This is more like a Batman museum game. No action. I like it even though I'm not 'into' batman.
Down the Rabbit Hole - 65% - $7
This was much better than I expected (I think it's great). Actually I didn't quite finish it because I played it on Viveport Infinity trial and my trial ran out. Oops. But I enjoyed it a lot.
Rhythm of the Universe: Ionia - 30% - $10.50
Echo Grotto - 25% - $6
Vestige - 40% - $3
Subsection 6. Not-so-small scale
Trover Save the Universe - 65% - $10.50
I think the humour is pretty boring. Some will like it. It's a fun, creative game though.
Transpose - 70% - $6
Distance - 60% - $10
I played over one super-long stretch all night long past sunrise. I remember it like a fever dream 😵
Myst - 10% - $27
To the Top - 50% - $10
Had a blast with this on PSVR.
In Death - 60% - $12
Jet Island - 30% - $14
Boneworks - 20% - $24
Rez Infinite - 50% - $12.50
The Persistence - 66% - $10.19
Gamepad only but it's really immersive, works well with gamepad.
The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners - 45% - $22
Tetris Effect: Connected - 33% - $26.80
Games I haven't or barely played
Subsection 1. I played these a teensy bit
Arcaxer - 40% - $15.00
- I linked to for this one since it's a better sale. Also on Steam though. I enjoyed a pre-release demo of this a lot.
Blind - 90% - $2.49
Catch & Release - 30% - $14
CyubeVR - 25% - $15
I Expect You to Die 2 - 20% - $20
Naau: The Lost Eye - 50% - $12.5
Obduction - 60% - $12
Overload - 67% - $9.90
Soulace - 50% - $8
SoundSelf - A Technodelic - %25 - $15
SYNTHSPACE - 25% - $22.59
Synth rack music creation.
Subsection 2. Small scale
Color Connect - 50% - $5
Eye in the Sky - %50 - $5
Asymmetrical local co-op.
HOPE VR: Progressive Meditation - 25% - $7.50
Sea of Memories - 70% - $3
I remember when this came out on PSVR it sounded quite pleasant and interesting but a little pricey. Well now it's not pricey!
Starcaller - 50% - $9.50
Stonehenge VR SANDBOX - 90% - $1.50
The Tide - 66% - $10.19
The reviews are like "this is cool, if only it were cheaper it would be a great recommendation". So...
Under Lock - 33% - $6.69
Asymmetrical multiplayer.
Vermillion - 20% - $16
Subsection 3. Not-so-small scale
Demeo - 20% - $24
Eye of the Temple - 10% - $18
Needs some space to walk around. Sounds fun and great!
Jetborne Racing - 30% - $7
Subnautica - 50% - $15
The Dark Method - 30% - $17.50
Westworld Awakening - 85% - $4.50
I feel like this was actually hurt by its IP association, because people (including me) feel like they can't play it if they haven't watched the show. But from what I hear, it's great and enjoyable regardless!
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2021.11.28 18:24 Liup05 Chelsea - Manchester United [1-1] Ronaldo ties his shoes

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2021.11.28 18:24 HeinousBananus Save $200 or spend for Costco return policy and 3-year extended warranty? (LG C1)

I have a local retailer that is offering the C1 for $200 under Costco prices, but it doesn't include the 3-year extended warranty (Allstate) Costco brings. Do you think the extended warranty and ease of return is worth the additional $200?
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2021.11.28 18:24 NoFinanceAdvice 256gb SSD with 16gb RAM?

Hi all, will be purchasing the Mac Mini however I’m not sure if I should get 512gb SSD or will I be fine with 256?
I use my computer for work (Microsoft office apps). Besides those apps, I’ll download League of Legends, banking and that’s all I can think of. Mostly use my computer with 8+ Tabs open. YouTube or twitch, tradingview open tabs with the rest of them. So would I be fine with 256gb? Thanks.
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2021.11.28 18:24 GOWBuuzer Besides Raiden, Beidou and Fischl as Electro support, do you think Yae is gonna be a great support/enabler?

We know nothing about Yae except that she's catalyst in game files (subject to change) and she has summonable totems (new stuff from the beta). The idea of summoning electro "minions" (be like Oz, taunters or attackers/enablers like Lisa's Q) makes the superconduct reaction quite effective to apply What do you think? Next patch we're going to have a cryo/phy buffer with the introduction of Shenhe
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