People who have met Youtubers (or any famous person) in real life, how different are they to the way that they portray themselves on camera?

2021.11.28 17:29 yubimaruu People who have met Youtubers (or any famous person) in real life, how different are they to the way that they portray themselves on camera?

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2021.11.28 17:29 methowmethow My Filthy 2019 TRD

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2021.11.28 17:29 iamhijak GTA Vice City: Definitive Edition - Cap The Collector

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2021.11.28 17:29 Parking_Code_3705 I hate my life, AMA

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2021.11.28 17:29 sjejsjsjsj13 Question on vegan ethics

I’ve been thinking about going vegan for a while now because I believe it’s immoral to kill animals for food but there is one thought keeping me from becoming vegan. And that is basically I believe it’s immoral to kill animals but i don’t believe it’s immoral to eat something already dead. When I go to a store they generally don’t have the animals in the back ready to be slaughtered because of my individual order, the store already has the animal products because the immoral actions was already done in some factory. Me buying that product or not is not killing or saving another living thing since it is already there and if I don’t buy it someone else will. I understand the rebuttal to this argument would be you are supporting an immoral industry either way and I agree this is not good but I believe the large majority of the products we buy are made unethically anyway. Also the meat industry is probably the biggest of any in the world, what will one person like me really do to hurting that industry and saving the lives of animals if I decide to stop buying the products?
And a bit of a side hypothetical question, do you (or what’s the general vegan opinion) believe it’s immoral if your friend purchased a burger with their money and they gave it to you to eat, is it wrong to eat it? I don’t see how it would be since you didn’t make the purchase to support the meat industry and you or your friend didn’t kill the animal?
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2021.11.28 17:29 caseyst Louis Vuitton Veteran Designer, Off-White Founder Virgil Abloh Dead at 41

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2021.11.28 17:29 Fluffy_Little_Fox GUNESH -- Kone Guzer (Unknown Year, Single)
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2021.11.28 17:29 ZevsDeadBaby Elmer T Lee

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2021.11.28 17:29 dennis111998 H: Trick or Treater at my Survival Tent and dropped off sone plans too, most for low Level Players. Don't be greedy and take only what you want. W: nothing

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2021.11.28 17:29 iLikeYouAndOnlyYou Cute people welcome pogchamp 🐱🐱🐱

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2021.11.28 17:29 DrFabulous98 Cac Transformations

Since we just got ssg as a transformation in the latest update, what transformations do you think we will get next or in xenoverse 3?
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2021.11.28 17:29 NotCoolAsACucumber Resume and cover letter for a Junior Technical Writer position for review. Any constructive criticism welcome!

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2021.11.28 17:29 BeneficialAssociate2 Addet Sie sie gönnt unnormal

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2021.11.28 17:29 lilolana quiz night baking

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2021.11.28 17:29 Impossible-Push-8291 Increasing hopelessness and motivation for everything dropped to zero. I am noticing the same in many young adults 20-30. What is a Biblical explanation?

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2021.11.28 17:29 MyPotatoPCNeedsHelp So I want to download something but the download place is slightly dodgy. Is there a way I can download it safely without it harming my PC in any way

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2021.11.28 17:29 littlefairywingz Kikisoblu (Princess Angeline) photographed by Frank La Roche c.1893

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2021.11.28 17:29 BigBossTina HELP WANTED: Volunteers for the Aether Gazer Wiki

We are looking for volunteers for the Aether Gazer Wiki, as of now the wiki is on hold until the release of the game but we already put some information we've been able to get hold from the previous BETA
Here is the Aether Gazer Wiki Page we are currently working:
The following list are the things we need in the wiki team:

  1. Editing Images
  2. Coding (HTML/CSS/Wikitext)
  3. Getting Stuff Onto The Wiki (Wiki Material Collector)
  4. Graphic Design
  5. Translator
  6. Everything Else (Proof Reading, etc)
If you like to contribute your free time to help out with the wiki, join our wiki discord:
Ultimately this is supposed to be a fun project that exists to contribute to a community and help out other players. If it sounds like a good time to you, please let us know!
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2021.11.28 17:29 cheesesticksrat FTX Crypto Leverage

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2021.11.28 17:29 Far-Chef-982 (FREE) Boldy James x Alchemist x Freddie Gibbs Type Beat - Cologne, any kind of support is welcome ❤️🙏

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2021.11.28 17:29 xboxvalhalla21 Solo should have been an Emilia Clarke movie. Thoughts?

Emilia Clarke was at the height of her stardom coming off of GoT. She was one of the most famous actors in the world, and she was the face of one of the great t.v. characters of all time. People loved her as a tragic hero or a female empowered hero. People wanted to watch her because she was magic on the screen, even as GoT's writing suffered and her character lost some appeal.
So Disney decides to make a movie called Solo in which they attempt to manufacture and commercialize on another actor's historical charisma, which immediately was a recipe for failure.
Solo should have been written for Emilia Clarke. Of course, it wouldn't have been called Solo...but how does the studio think to themselves, "You know what, guys? We've got Emilia Clarke here at the hight of her powers...lets relegate her character to the girlfriend of this no-name actor and try and make him the next Harrison Ford."
Does anyone else wish we'd gotten an awesome Emilia Clarke Star Wars movie? She could have been the hero or a tragic villain. Maybe she becomes a Sith Lord?
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2021.11.28 17:29 No_Championship_9318 How to start speaking to a girl?

So I met this girl, she’s a friend of a friends, and we’ve been clubbing a few times (with all our friends) and I quite like her. So I asked her out and we’ve been out twice just the two of us and we had a really good times. But I’m not really sure how to start a conversation with her over message. I’m her friend on Snap and Insta but the only time I really message her is when I’m asking her to go out with me. How can I start messaging her more often and what should I say to make sure the conversation doesn’t die easily?
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2021.11.28 17:29 Objective-Yam5699 The most useless VP in US history.

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2021.11.28 17:29 Hot-Mess-Momster What Happened???

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2021.11.28 17:29 Branzarraga A subreddit for miscellaneous day to day problems?

I don't know how I can describe my current situation so I put that title up to generalize.
The thing is that I'm at work and my cash box got stuck; didn't find similar problems on the web that I can relate on, so I need a more personalized troubleshooting
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