Are these ingredients readily available in Japan? Asking about cookie ingredients before moving

2021.11.28 18:04 lover_of_language Are these ingredients readily available in Japan? Asking about cookie ingredients before moving

I hope to move to Japan in early 2022 for graduate school. Every year for the holidays, my grandmother and I bake gingerbread cookies together and it’s been a family tradition. My grandmother picked up the recipe when she lived in Sweden for a few years, and it’s made from scratch. She taught me how to make them and it’s always my favorite part of the holiday season. Store bought doesn’t have anything on these, truly. I want to share these gingerbread cookies with my friends and colleagues when I go and continue the tradition no matter where in the world I live.
I wanted to ask if anyone who lives in Japan could confirm whether they can find these ingredients at a chain supermarket or something. Some of the ingredients are obvious, and I have no doubt about them. Some of them, like certain spices, I’m not so sure about. I want to make sure I plan ahead and either find a way to ordeship some to Japan or have a family member mail them to me before the holiday time next year. I would appreciate any advice I could get on this: •Baking Soda (I’m pretty sure I can find this but I feel like I’ve seen posts before about finding this. I’d rather be sure) •Ground Cloves •Molasses •Ground Ginger
Thank you so much!
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2021.11.28 18:04 OutDoorTurtle88 Dream and Ranboo Prison Break Full Important Clips... (Dream SMP Lore)

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2021.11.28 18:04 Zmxm Luxury vinyl plank question - backer rod and sealant needed not needed? plank layout direction make a difference? Don't want to be taken advantage of by contractor...

We are renovating our house, but decided to have a contractor install the luxury vinyl plank. The floor area is the 2nd floor and is made of plywood subfloor. The area is living room, dining room and bedrooms.
We got a quote from someone from Lowes to install the flooring and the quote include backer rod and silicone to put for the sides of the wall. We ultimately didn't go for the Lowes contractor after seeing his mostly one star reviews, and went with a person who did other work for us in the past, including installing vinyl plank in a smaller area.
He said the backer rod and silicone were not needed, and the pervious people were just trying to get money. He said leaving a gap is better than installing backer rod and silicone because the expansion might make the flooring buckle. Is this true? I heard from Lowes the warranty needs this step done. Is he just saying it to get out of work to get done? The materials are already paid for we just need them installed.
Also, we thought the flooring should be installed longways down the hallway, but he recommended against it, saying since the walls are uneven it will look better placed sideways down the hallway. Not sure if this is true, or he just wants an easier job installing over making it look better aesthetically.
Not sure I am equipped to handle these statements about not needed backer rod and silicone and arguing against us about the direction of the plank, and would like more experience people to help me to make sure I am not being taken advantage of.
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2021.11.28 18:04 Maisyfou What’s the most disturbing thing that has happened in your town?

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2021.11.28 18:04 DandyShandy1975 Watch 👍 Setting Goals To Achieve Your Dreams Thanks Appreciated ❤💯

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2021.11.28 18:04 KyleKKent Out of Cruel Space, Part 189

Antlers, Assumption and Artillery

“It’s not funny!” Holly protests to the silent but smiling Bjorn as they walk through the arcology. Up ahead there’s a restaurant that claims to cater from everything from Cannidor to Carib, and since Holly’s a Carib it sounds like a great place to start.
“I said nothing.” Bjorn replies even as Holly’s stomach gurgles in hunger once more.
“That’s totally normal! When your stomach is empty and you’re as strong as me your muscles push in on it and make a gurgling sound!”
“I don’t think that’s how it works. At all.” Bjorn replies with the amusement carefully drawn out of his tone and a big old smile on his face. Then he frowns as he communicator starts buzzing in a specific pattern. A communication from The Dauntless, non priority but still...
“What’s going on? Is something wrong?” Holly asks unable to read the English that the words are in.
“Just a breakthrough in some techniques that concern me. Or as is described here: We’re idiots. We’re fucking idiots, why didn’t we see this before? God damn it, we skipped like fifty steps out of fifty two and of course we missed this, my god we’re so stupid... it just keeps going, the boys in The Nerd Squad are really pissed with themselves.”
“What’s it about?” Holly asks and Bjorn snorts.
“Deactivating Axiom Brands. They default to on, but you can turn them off. Apparently no one told the Nerd Squad and now they’re lambasting themselves as fools.” Bjorn says comfortably as he pockets the communicator.
“Wait, isn’t the brand a source of a lot of your protection?” Holly asks and he nods. “When did you turn it off?”
“Not long ago, I was judging the temperature outside and then let it reactivate. You’ll notice that even though I was trying to resist shivering for a while I just grew comfortable in the cold, beyond what mere exercise would pull off.”
“Oh. I thought you were using Axiom normally.” Holly remarks and Bjorn snorts in amusement.
“I’m human, we don’t do normal.” He replies and startles a giggle out of her. “So what do you think of Vrenraku so far?”
“What if I hate it?” She asks and he scratches his head.
“Then I’ll put in a request to change our location. I’m not sure how it will take to get something done about it, but I’m not just going to sit on my hands with that kind of complain. Although to be fair it’s likely we’ll only be shifted to another Arcology here on Zalwore.” Bjorn says and Holly sighs as she looks around, scanning the area of tile floors, walls who’s outer covering shift depending on the store and the high vaulted ceiling. It reminds Bjorn of being inside a multi-storied shopping mall, just with floors for days and days.
“And if it’s being in the arcologies that’s giving me problems?”
“Then we have a problem. We only have a real grip on Centris and Zalwore, those are the only places we can easily make secure.”
“What about that other world, Vucsa Five?” Holly asks.
“Still being consolidated. Duchess Lilpaw has control of the world, but she’s still getting used to it. The position there is still very tenuous and the planet is not easily defended at this point. It’s considerably safer on Centris, which is a no go as it’s straight up infested, and here on Zalwore.”
“Zalwore has problems too, just because you haven’t seen them...”
“I think I have. A lot of these shops have a small nick in the front door near the top right. One or two fresh ones is a vandal running around. But more than half of them have the exact same type of damage in the exact same place and a lot of them are very old, meaning it’s not vandalism so much as a marker. Half the stores around here are part of something.”
“What are they part of?” Holly asks and Bjorn shrugs.
“It’s far too early to say. I’ve sent my observations back to the base, so the intelligence officers we have with us will have something to keep them busy if nothing else.” Bjorn notes.
“You’re not scared?” Holly asks thinking to numerous hidden torture centers that Darla had made Knifetop participate in. She flinches at the half remembered scene of bones breaking under her fists and knowing for a fact that short of a cybernetic replacement or a healing coma then the limb would never be used again.
“You alright?” Bjorn asks, concern in his tone despite his Axiom presence still being nothing more than the strange flicker that was the marking on his left shoulder. She focuses on the tone, even machines had a presence...
“I... just a bad, bad memory.” She says and he puts a calm hand on her shoulder. Sympathy and concern are written clearly across his face and she shakes for a moment before hugging him.
“It’s okay, it’s over. We’re here now, light years away and you have me to keep that madness away.”
“Okay... okay... I’m okay...” Holly assures herself and Bjorn can feel her calm down in his arms. Then her grip shifts from his back to his backside. “And you’re more than okay little man, what do you say we work up an appetite to really make our lunch hit the spot?”
“No Holly. I’m on duty.” Bjorn says as he slowly pries open Holly’s grip. She resists somewhat, but not in a way to actually stop him, just to let him know that if she wasn’t playing he would have a much harder time. She takes a step back and grins at him impudently.
“Feel better?” He asks and she nods. “Great, let’s get some lunch.”
The restaurant is labelled as Mamma Massive’s Meal Market, apparently it’s a fairly popular chain the galaxy over that makes a point to have both the most comfortable ranges of food and the most dangerous. Which in this case is Cannidor to Carib.
“Hey there! Welcome to Mamma Massive’s Meal Market! What can I do for ya? Romantic side booth for two?”
“No-” Bjorn begins and Holly’s hand clamps over his mouth.
“Yes please.”
“Really?” The waitress asks with a curious expression on her face.
“He’s too serious and I’m trying to get him to crack. Romantic booth for two with soft music please!” Holly insists.
‘Really?’ Bjorn mutters into Holly’s hand.
“Really.” Holly answers him and the waitress giggles but jots down a note to keep an eye on this couple just in case things were going wrong.
“You’re trying too hard.” Bjorn notes as they sit down in their boot and soft music from some twangy instrument that sounds vaguely like someone plucking a cello starts singing out.
“Am I?” Holly asks with a giggle, aware that the waitress is listening in just in case she’s thought to be abusing Bjorn, something that both amuses and depresses her at the same time. She chooses to focus on the amusement.
“Holly, I do appreciate that you find me so attractive, but I am on the job. I can’t afford to react to all your flirting and teasing. If someone were to attack you then I have to be able to respond in an instant and think with a clear head. All the flirting does is get in the way of that. “
“Sergeant Veers, you are professional soldier and you yourself have described your training as the type that allows only the best of the best through. If anything I’m not trying hard enough.” She replies and there’s a slight giggle from the waitress. Well, that’s someone’s fears alleviated.
“Wait, what is this?” Bjorn asks poking the edge of the table. “I think I saw this before...”
His seat then raises up and he has a baffled then delighted look on his face as he presses a few more buttons on the edge of the table and adjusts his seat up and down before almost jumping at one of his little experiments.
“What made you jump?”
“I cranked up the heat through the roof.”
“I can sense that your brand is active, heat won’t hurt you.”
“No but I still feel it, massively adjustable seats to accommodate all the different races and their sizes and shapes. A smart little innovation.”
“I have to say, I love all the little reminders that your race is new to the galaxy. Anyone can claim to be new at something or somewhere but you outright start messing around with clear glee on your face, reminds me how this life is as fresh to you as it is to me.” Holly remarks. “You spend so much time being stoically cool I almost forget how cute you can be too.”
“Cute? I’m a grown man, I don’t do cute.” Bjorn protests with his arms crossed an a raised up eyebrow.
“I dunno hun, you look plenty cute to me.” The Waitress says as she arrives with the menus. “Anyways, I took a shot in the dark and brought you a Cannidor Menu and your girl here a proper Carib one. You’re one of those humans aren’t you?”
“I am indeed. Good call.” Bjorn compliments her and she flashes a massive smile at him. “None of that, I’m on duty. No time for that.”
“See, that’s the problem with human bodyguards! You get a hunk and a half right in front of you that’s too serious to respond!” Holly protests gesturing to Bjorn with a mournful look to The Waitress who bursts into giggles.
“Oh you poor girl! It’s like having a huge meal in front of a starving girl that she’s not allowed to touch! But speaking of starving I’ll be back in a couple of minutes to help feed the more mundane appetites.”
“While another part of me is forced to go hungry.” Holly moans dramatically.
“Tone down on the thirst Holly.” Bjorn scolds her as he scans the menu. He decides he’s going to see what a spiced lanwrack tastes like. Hopefully the utterly bizarre things being listed will modify the flavour. Besides, he still needs to make up his mind on what to think about it. It’s good, but where to place it between pork, ham, chicken, turkey, goose, beef, bacon, salmon, tuna and other such meats. Where is it in the hierarchy of meals? Inquiring minds have got to know!
“Thirst nothing, I’m hungry for man-meat.” She says blatantly and the waitress gasps at how over the top that was.
“If I didn’t know better I’d swear that was a threat of cannibalism.” He mocks her and she pouts.
“Just the ultra sized Forenin Salad please.” Holly says passing the menu back and Bjorn quickly nods.
“The Blood Chomper special for me.” Bjorn says. “Also could we have a pitcher of water and glasses brought to the table? My kind have a heavy water intake level.”
“Of course.” The Waitress says before all but skipping off. Bjorn leans to the side and watches her go.
“So they do have tails. I’d wondered.” He had heard of the four armed rabbit women before, but since their official name was Rabbis he hadn’t really believed the stories about them. Sure, it was easily probable that something in Galactic Trade would sound like an earth word but it still sounded like someone was trying to make an anti-Semitic joke.
“Why did you wonder?”
“Basic curiosity. Nothing more.” He says not mentioning that her basically looking like a playboy bunny with ALL THE SILICONE and an extra set of arms had started a train of thought that he had to ruthlessly press down on. After all he was trying to resist the advances of a woman with just as much packing under a layer of fur on top of a mountain of muscle and literally magic antlers.
Holly’s eyebrows go up as Bjorn takes on a poleaxed expression for a moment and a look of wide eyed contemplation before shaking his head and returning to his usual steely eyed focus.
“What was that about?” She asks.
“Just how odd life has gotten. I knew heading into space would be strange, but no amount of training could have prepared me for how different the galaxy is. At times, when I get thinking about it, it all seems to crash down on me and I feel overwhelmed. But only for a moment. I have a job to do and it gives me something to focus on.”
“Oh ho! So without the job you wouldn’t... wait, without the job we wouldn’t have met and then... wait... wait.” Holly says and Bjorn snorts in amusement.
“That’s right, my being on duty is part of the package, and the duty gets in the way of the entertainment.”
“Well if we could take you off duty.”
“Then I get recalled to The Dauntless or assigned to help with recruitment and training.” Bjorn cuts of that line of thought and she sticks her tongue out at him. “Been looking up human gestures have we?”
“I had to do something on that boring flight over from Centris.” Holly rebukes and he snorts in amusement.
“So how many of the naughty words have you learned?” Bjorn teases
“...some.” She responds and he chuckles.
“Ah, and how soon will I be hearing them?”
“Depends, how soon until you give me cause?” She asks with a saucy wink and he shakes his head.
The only real question he has at this point is if his assertion that boils down to, not here and not now, have actually penetrated. Either way she’s going to get a surprise when they get back to their quarters. He’s sent a few texts asking just for confirmation and he’s in the clear, with some good natured mockery from the opposite side as well. As if making sure he was 100% in the clear was a bad thing.
First Last
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2021.11.28 18:04 RoseJackson675 Merry Christmas Funny Naughty Pitbull

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2021.11.28 18:04 TedBear72 [USA-FL] [H] Paypal/Zelle [W] New 3DS XL

Heyo. Wanting a 3ds lol. Willing to negotiate prices and all that though id like to not go above like 250.
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2021.11.28 18:04 ChrisTheRomeo If you've had trouble getting the bootcamp badge this is for you

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2021.11.28 18:04 TryingToBeActive [Question] Do I have to do anything special to get OpenCV or Tesseract on my website?

I installed it so I can use it on my own machine, but I am wondering about using it for my website hosted by Bluehost. Do I have to install it there? Is it already installed by Bluehost?
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2021.11.28 18:04 richierich55555 [OFFER] - Celsius Network $80 -> $50 from Celsius + $30 from me (+ PROOF OF PAYOUTS!) 🚀🚀🚀

Celsius Network is a cryptocurrency lending and bitcoin interest platform that intends to help 'unback yourself'. You can borrow or deposit your crypto for a honest interest rate with them.
They are giving You $50 worth of BTC, when You signup, verify your profile and deposit a minimum of $400 worth of crypto into their savings account, and hold it there for 30 days,
I will send an additional $30 via Revolut, Verse, or BTC transfer via Celsius CelPay, once You get the bonus.
Proof of PAYOUTS in the previous topics: here , here and here !

  1. Comment $bid and I will send You a message with my referral link.
  2. Register with Celsius using my link and download their app.
  3. Press on "Have a referral code?" underneath the Create account button to enter the referral code. Once you have entered my referral code you will see a confirmation screen and you can continue making your account.
  4. Deposit a minimum of $400 worth of crypto (BTC, ETH or Stable coins) and hold it the there for 30 days.
  5. That's it! The bonus in form of $50 worth of BTC will be accredited to your account after the deposit is held for 30 days. Then contact me and I will send the rest - as promised $30 via Revolut, Verse, or BTC transfer via Celsius CelPay, once You get the bonus.
EU, UK, US, Australia, Asia, Africa - pretty much if your country is not banning crypto currency use You should be able to sign up.
Entering a Promo Code tutorial
T&C and Refer a friend
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2021.11.28 18:04 Low-Administration46 stacking 3.5mm mousepads

is this a bad move?
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2021.11.28 18:04 Jr-stine What is this?

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2021.11.28 18:04 DutchSpaceNerd Flying High!✈️ (pedals under the desk)

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2021.11.28 18:04 tweetaboutit Lincoln Riley to USC. Chip’s UCLA vs. Riley’s US will be some fun / high scoring games.

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2021.11.28 18:04 _Joshua-Graham_ W: Radioactive barrel plan H: Flux/Caps/junk

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2021.11.28 18:04 Nomdeplume818 do you not put affirmative defenses in a motion to dismiss? only in an answer?

my prof said that preclusion would not be in a motion to dismiss
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2021.11.28 18:04 AnonymousPineapple5 Question about paw pads

Hi everyone, I used the search function for this question but didn’t really find what I was looking for so here goes:
Watching my boyfriends dog for an extended time. She’s in good shape, used to run a ton has been kind of less active the last 6 months. He takes her on walks every night and/or to the park for some fetch. I’m a runner and have been taking her out for 3 milers almost daily. Yesterday we took a rest day but I had her in the yard and took her for a sniffy walk in the afternoon.
She seems to be handling this very well, doesn’t limp around aside from maybe taking the stairs a little slower at night time.
I run primarily on asphalt trail and I worry that maybe her paws are hurting? Today on our run she ran through every puddle she could (it’s cold here). Is this just her having fun or is she trying to soothe her paws? I’ve inspected her pads and they appear fine but I don’t really know what I’m looking for. Can I put perhaps Vaseline on them while she’s snoozing to keep them soft?
Thanks for any help. For reference she is a Brittany.
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2021.11.28 18:04 SaltyKoopa How much do you think the DQIII Remake will cost?

View Poll
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2021.11.28 18:04 Lifeincity Caring too much about what people think of you is useless. Most people don’t even know what they think of themselves- Sonya Teclai [1080x1080]

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2021.11.28 18:04 x3cerealkillerz Get your wishes granted

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2021.11.28 18:04 k0godogo moving in amiibo

i’ve been inviting shino to my campsite with an amiibo for the past three days, doing her DIYS, and today i asked her to move in. in the past when i did this, it gave me a pop up of villagers i could ask to move out, but this time, shino said there’s no room and thanked me for the invite, saying she cant move in now. im so confused, did they change this in the update or is there some rule that i dont know about ?
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2021.11.28 18:04 radismays When you waste 10k CC and the shaft is just getting stronger

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2021.11.28 18:04 b-tea Nvm, I just ate a cookie.

I am in so much fucking pain right now. God help me. Why did I do this. I am in pain. Help. Help.
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2021.11.28 18:04 Accomplished-Can-704 Did I take the right decision? (Long rant)

Started working in a design company right after graduating and it was suspecious because other than the ceo and hr (who was also managing everything else) I didn't have any other co-workers (it was a really small start-up so I thought there was no one else)
Right on the second day I was made to work a whole day on a video and at night they tell me that the client has chosen another video made by another 'designer'. Like who is this designer? If they are working there why aren't we introduced? Or atleast made aware of their existence?
I was doing wfh at that time so my work everyday was basically getting orders from hr, doing it, getting rejected because of poor communication, doing it all over again.
I don't remember anything in particular now other than the ceo and hr ganging up on me and called me slow all the time even though some tasks were really hard to finish at a short time, the hr's tone sounding super rude always and her looking down at me, getting group calls to point me out and pass comments in a very passive agressive way (they were never directly rude to me maybe because I was the only employee there)
Where things really started going bad was those long video calls where I had to share my screen with my boss and she would basically command me what to do (I was being brutally micromanaged) these calls would easily go for 4-5 hours at a stretch
Can you do this? No no put this there....NOOOO WHAT ARE YOU DOING it has to go on left can you make this red? No orange? Actually green would be nice right? Tell me you're the designer you should know everything right?
I would be so drained and an anxious mess by the time this got over amd the end product would look like trash, which would've been way better if I was just left alone, It felt as if someone was constantly commanding me over my shoulder 24/7 even though it was through a video call
And projects were always in a hurry and pilled up at the last moment, it was always rushed, I would always get promises like "just work at night and sundays for this month, next month we'll be super free" but that free month never happened
By the 10th month I was mentally drained, anxious, depressed and people around me started noticing it, enough to ask me get help. It was horrible working at a place where the only person you're speaking to is your boss and no coworkers
I was even called rude once for saying I can't work on a hurt me a lot
Finally around the 11th month beginning I put in my notice and it was denied? I tried saying I had family issues to sort out (because if I told them about their mismanagement they would obviously say they don't do that again and try to make me stay) and finally I was being firm and sent the notice for 30 days
They were really weird to me during that time and just 4 days before my notice could end I got a call saying that I'm not working upto their standards so it's better I stop (it's true for an extent, I was tired and sick of all this so I wasn't able to perform as I did before) I didn't even argue I accepted and just quit right there on that phone call
It's been 2 months since that happened and I'm in a better workplace now but I'm still very weary about this situation
Did I make the right decision? Was I rude to quit? Should I have stayed there for a year or two? Did I make any mistake?
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