Kucoin Margin Trading

2021.11.28 16:46 saltroastclef Kucoin Margin Trading

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2021.11.28 16:46 UncleYimbo Good girl

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2021.11.28 16:46 MagicM0ney Go team 👩‍🍳

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2021.11.28 16:46 haste32 Hjælp til valg af SRP emner/fag.

Hej Reddit.
Jeg skal allerede på tirsdag angive mine to fag til mit studieretningsprojekt (SRP). Jeg går på STX, og har studieretningen (Samfundsfag A, Matematik A). Det vil sige et af mine fag skal være Samfundsfag eller matematik. Men jeg tror jeg vælger samfundsfag over matematik (Jeg er lort til matematik). Da samfundsfag eller matematik er et A fag og et studieretnings fag, kan mit nummer 2. fag være frit valg mellem mine A, B, og C fag.
Men jeg er meget i tvivl på mit nummer 2. fag. De fag jeg har overvejet indtil videre er følgende:
- Samfundsfag A og engelsk B. (Her tænker jeg der en store mængde af emner man kan skrive om).
- Samfundsfag A og idræt B (Måske noget med den faldende idrætsaktivitet blandt unge og dens konsekvenser det har på helbred.)
- Samfundsfag A og Psykologi C ( I løbet af de seneste 50 år er depression, angst, og selvmord steget merkant. Selvom levevilkår, menneskerettigheder, og muligheder er blevet forbedret. Denne synes jeg er virkeligt interessant at skrive om. Men da psykologi kun er et C fag, må det kun fylde ca. 30% af opgaven, hvilket jeg tror vil blive et problem for mig.
- Samfundsfag A og Matematik A (Selvom jeg er dårlig til matematik, synes jeg krypto/kryptovaluta er virkeligt interessant. Her kunne man måske komme ind på hvordan kryptovaluta vil forandre økonomien på sigt. Måske om 50 år anvender vi alle krypto?)
Dette er de 4 emnefag jeg har overvejet at skrive om. Men jeg er stadig virkeligt meget i tvivl. Jeg har ikke fået meget hjælp fra lærer eller studievejleder. Hvad har i af erfaring med at skrive SRP, da i gik på gym? Hvad skrev i om? Hvad synes i om de emner jeg har overvejet?
Det vil være en stor hjælp at høre jeres meninger derude :)
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2021.11.28 16:46 Feynmanrenders ACES (again) and ICC

Hi guys,
Before ACES everything was a bit of a miish mash (still is depending on the project/workflows ofcourse). But what I really don't get is, especially when looking at those amazingly unsatisfying Photoshop workarounds - how does ACES and ICC coexist? What is the "historical", theoretical and practical relation between the two, except wanting to do color management stuff and then focusing on different areas.
Why wasn't the ICC interested in color management for non-stills as well? If you look at ICCs goals it reads just like something that would come out of the ACES community. ICC seems to cover the realm of photography and printing while ACES is geared towards the movie/video/gaming industry, but there is some serious overlapping.
I remember reading about a specific use case of some dude working on IKEA 3D renderings using ACES who wanted to have transforms to CMYK for printing the Ikea catalogue.
Sorry it this is trivial for some who only need to think in RGB color model, but I really want to know more about the overlapping areas and maybe about the organisational things going on in the background. Grateful for any resource / way to think about this
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2021.11.28 16:46 Safely2moon 9k participaters has heard and It has been confirmed that the V2 release to be "imminent".....🤔

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2021.11.28 16:46 powrecroom Makerpen Class Tubing and Terrain!

Makerpen Class Tubing and Terrain! Check out the Tubing and Terrain - Semester 2 - Student Projects! To sign up for Makerpen Class go to https://recroom.com/creative. #recroom #makerpenclass [|=)]

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2021.11.28 16:46 EestiMentioned [/r/CryptoMars] Centaurify - ⚡ Launching Now on BSC

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2021.11.28 16:46 MarloweSL 🔥🔥

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2021.11.28 16:46 goldenBoardPhD There will be another 2008 fueled by AI.

I'm not sure when, but as an experienced engineer in the world of big data and machine learning with over 10 published academic articles that utilize machine learning and artificial intelligence along with my first hand corporate experience with industry mis-use of machine learning, I can feel the storm building.
Back in 08, the market collapse was, at its core, fueled by confident ignorance. People had developed a new way to package and sell mortgages, and as a result people that shouldn't have been given credit got credit.
More abstractly speaking, people had developed a new way of doing something that seemed much better, and after it worked for a little while to show proof of concept, people bought in to the method (in this case CDOs and their supporting ideas) full force and they utilized it confidently.
Because now the mortgage industry had this new magical tool, the new-found efficiency of doing business pushed lenders to be more aggressive, accepting more risk, and leveraging their new ace-in-the hole techniques until they hit a point that IF the new way of doing business failed, the entire operation would be at risk (all eggs in this proverbial basket). And this was industry wide, different banks all relying on the infallibility of their new way of combining mortgages to "reduce" risk, which would have maybe worked if they had not leveraged their way into a corner, which equates to confidently applying their new methods in ways that have not really be studied or examined - they were ignorant to how this would effect the usage of CDOs. Some where maybe aware of the implications, but the industry as a whole had already started down a certain path which we saw the results of in 2008.
To anyone that works in AI/ML I think you might can feel the corollaries. AI is this new tool that has proven useful for a number of wonderful tasks. For instance, I can deposit a check by taking a picture with my phone, how great! Everyone has see AI's success and wants to incorporate it into their business any where they think they can get an edge. The problem is, very few people, including the people that implement it for different companies, really know what it is doing and what shortcomings it may present. But we are all so confident in its utilization.
The recent failure of Zillow is a decent case study in what can go wrong when data science/analytics can go wrong - https://www.cnn.com/2021/11/09/tech/zillow-ibuying-home-zestimate/index.html . Another instance I know of from first hand is how some credit reporting bureaus have moved to rely more and more on AI. I know people who develop credit scores for auto loans who boast they can get more people approved than traditional methods. No one in that company really knows how AI works, but they are confident sales people, access to venture capital, and now there are people getting auto loans in California who will never be able to pay them off. Not to mention all the large hedge funds that are constantly hiring a generation of people who are obsessed with the buzz of machine learning and believe there will be some magic algorithm to make money in the markets. So much of the markets are already driven by algorithms (assumedly), and as they incorporate more and more AI into their daily operation I can't help but wonder how it will fall when it does.
There is rampant application of AI to every problem in industry at the moment, everyone is ignorant to how it works, everyone is confident it is a magic bullet for their solution. I don't know how or when it will cause a global market recession, but I am constantly looking out for ways to take advantageous positions when it does.
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2021.11.28 16:46 Nervous-Programmer97 DOBERMOON | 30K MARKETCAP | Very Early P2E GameFI | 3weeks old !

A little idea of the adventure: The Earth is overcrowded, living space is limited, pollution has been devastated, the Humans of the time destroyed everything. We have to find an alternative. This is why Mr. Dobershi Nakatomo designed a crew in total discretion, with the aim of conquering new territories, and discovering new habitable lands. LP LOCK 24 months MC 30k! DoberMoon is a game where everyone can play and have fun. Possibility of playing in Free To Play unlike some games where you need several thousand dollars to start! A large collection of NFT's will be available so that each is a unique skin, allowing it to become more efficient! The project is under development. We have a lot of ambitions with regard to it. A little recap of our project so that everyone has a precise idea of the project: The NFT's will be classified among 5 categories (1) Municipality (2) Rare (3) Unique (4) Epic (5) Legendary If you invest in NFT's, it will get you more in-game bonus. However, it is possible to earn money without investing anything. We want to set up a community game, where each of you can post ideas for improvements, either in-game, or on our future platform. A community game therefore implies an acid community. We are, and will always be, listening to our players. TOKENOMICS: 12% Total Tax 5% Holders 5% Liquidity pool 2% Marketing Website : dobermoon.site Twitter : https://twitter.com/DMoonOfficial Telegram : https://t.me/DoberMoonofficialgroup 
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2021.11.28 16:46 Machoman_Semisavage Does anyone remember how Jack set this up? I am doing my bi-annual nostalgia trip through old videos and now I want to do this disc shelving, does anyone know how?

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2021.11.28 16:46 Powerful_Drink_7281 Advice

Hi guys I need a suggestion. I am from Delhi India and I am in a long distance relationship with a girl. Her family is too conservative and She is not able to meet me in public which leads to lots of frustration for me. I am emotionally attached to her but there is no spark between us. We hardly met and We don't have any couple goals. I am looking for a long term relationship with most of time together but it is not possible for her and I am attached to her. I discuss this with her but in the end we just start talking again. And also sometimes I don't trust her as I feel insecure and once I think where our future is going I feel very depressed.
Any suggestions what to do?
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2021.11.28 16:46 ipushin Making a map with routes. GoogleMaps editor alternatives

Hi guys,
I'm looking for something similar to Google Maps in terms of creating interactive routes/itineraries. Currently, I use Google Maps Editors, which is great when it comes to generating the route btw multiple points (and adjusting it manually) along with sharing the route by email.
But I'm looking for smth more customizable (custom base map like Mapbox does, custom route colors, pictograms, etc.) with the same functionality as google maps suggest (i.e. route generation and sharing via email). Ideally, if it's easy to open and follow on a mobile device.
If not Google Maps what would that be?
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2021.11.28 16:46 Spirited_Work_4997 👩‍🚀 Metaballers 👩‍🚀 The Hyper Deflationary Token Rewarding You With Bitcoin!! 🔥 Real Utility To Help Project Growth 🔥

What is META BALLER$ all about?
Firstly it is important to remember that we are more than just a token, we will become one of the most established communities in the BSC network! We are PIONEERS! 🔥
The goal is to create a hyper deflationary token, of which the price floor continues to rise as more MB$ tokens are bought and burned. We are not burning any of our total supply before launch as we believe that this a token gesture and does nothing for our project or our investors. Every single token that is burnt will be bought first meaning money is added to the liquidity and these tokens can never be sold, thus raising the price floor. There is 3% tax on every transaction which will be used for buybacks and burns. Don’t forget about the 4% BTC rewards 🤩🤩
What next?
We begin as a token which will grow fast and stand on its own. But in the first week after launch we will create a new seperate group which is created to audit and promote other tokens. Following the launch of this group we will welcome requests for promotion from other tokens, but will first thoroughly audit and analyse their project. If we are satisfied we will promote these tokens on our community group for a fee, this fee will be used to further buyback and burn MB$ tokens, thus continuing to raise the price floor.. ALTHOUGH WE ARE MORE THAN JUST A TOKEN ALL ROADS LEAD BACK TO MB$ AND THE LONG TERM PRICE GROWTH OF THE TOKEN!🔥🔥
We have loads more information and exciting news to share with you but we will wait for the right moment to make sure others do not try to copy our features before we deploy them.
Welcome guys, marketing has only just started. Enjoy the ride, you have found a gem 💎
Diamond hands only!
❌ No Dev/Team tokens
🚀 Massive marketing push pre & post launch.
✅ KYC’d via Pinksale
✅ Audit on launch day via Techrate
Presale: November 26, 5pm.
Soft cap: 75BNB
Hard cap: 150BNB
Minimum buy: 0.1BNB
Max buy: 1BNB
🏷️ Contract Address: 0x2E320dFf9F6A8133446ee5711B8e599988494bce
Pancakeswap: https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0x2E320dFf9F6A8133446ee5711B8e599988494bce
🔹 Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0x2E320dFf9F6A8133446ee5711B8e599988494bce#readContract
🔐Liquidity Lock 1 YEAR🔒
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2021.11.28 16:46 PicklePunFun Was cleaning my room out and found some of these, not sure if they still work but I'm on pc now so I don't need them!

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2021.11.28 16:46 Snoutpile What do you think, what kind of person lurks behind that username?

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2021.11.28 16:46 Zeriths Nostalgia

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2021.11.28 16:46 Goodn8_Robicheaux This is how I dress up in my di's clothes for my horny friend who has hots for my sister and likes to fuck me fantasizing her. 21m intrested in meetup with hot guys. Dm to see more.

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2021.11.28 16:46 badmatrix11 Tanmay's future plans for subreddit.

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2021.11.28 16:46 Life_Relative5437 This was a birthday gift for my son and he is in love with it!

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2021.11.28 16:46 SCNikP LF: Lugia, Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres FT: Ho-Oh, Raikou, Entei, Suicune

Permanent trade!
If you want something else, make a request and I will see what I can do.
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2021.11.28 16:46 HornyHeracross Magic hour affair by wacca005

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2021.11.28 16:46 cardibcl0set yeah i’m definitely gay

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2021.11.28 16:46 YT5UFY4Ns_HyPeR My deck?

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