RBC, HGB & HCT levels all came back low

2022.01.26 11:23 darksideofthem00n RBC, HGB & HCT levels all came back low

RBC- 3.4 HGB-10 HCT- 30%
All my levels indicate I’m low (according to the range the doctor gave me) has anyone else had all 3 come back low? My ferritin wasn’t tested. Doctor gave me an iron supplement to take. Anyone else have all 3 levels low? How “bad” is my iron deficiency?
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2022.01.26 11:23 rcgtt TCE + Safi/Kjarr bows or Safi/RBrachy + Kjarr Bows?

Which Bow set seems to be the best? I believe TCE does more damage than CE + Dragonvein's awakening, but does RBrachy's agitator secret make up for the loss in dps? Additionally, would true dragon veins awakening (being full Safi set) + CE from Kjarr bow be better? Thanks in advance!
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2022.01.26 11:23 uk-youngprofessional First time buyers and Energy Prices - What should we do?

Hello All,

TLDR; Should I stick with the standard tariff when I move in and see what the Gov do to help these energy providers provide cheaper energy, or lock in the currently best rate, despite being 2X the rate the current tenant is paying?

Looking for some advice here - as there seems to be conflicting advice online about what I should do. So the situation is that I am a first time buyer moving from living with parents (with no bills at all) to a home my partner and I just bought.
The issue I have is that any fixed price I can get right now is 2X what the current tenant is paying - however all the guides online recommend as FTB that we should lock in a fixed rate asap to secure a fixed deal. However it seems like the advice for existing homeowners / renters is to keep your current rate, even if you're on a variable one due to the price cap (that expires in APR).
The current tenants use the following annually (family of 4):
Gas: 16,000 kWh Electric: 4,500 kWh
So when getting quotes, I have been using 16,000 kWh for gas and 4,500 kWh as a worst case scenario, but we are half the occupants as the current tenants (just me and my partner). I'm not too worried about over estimating my usage, but I 'm more worried about the tariff rates.
When I move in, I'll be put on the standard rate tariff - which I assume is both variable and while currently below the price cap, it will rise dramatically when the cap is lifted in a few months.
Their current energy provider is "Shell Energy" - and I don't seem to be able to get their standard rate tariff online to check its costs without making an account.

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2022.01.26 11:23 pizdets17 Webinar coming! Should be good

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2022.01.26 11:23 joesen_one MAX Changmin - 'Fever' (Vogue Korea 8PM Concert)

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2022.01.26 11:23 ftteacherptinvestor Teaching the Flat Earth Theory

I am subbing long term and I am expected to cover the astronomy unit. I am super excited since I have been a fan of this branch of science all my life. I cannot wait to impart this ground-breaking idea. I have hundreds of awesome Youtube videos in my playlist already but I am looking for more hands on activities. I am also looking for research materials from reputable sources as well as databases my students can use for project-based learning assignment that will serve as the milestone of this unit.
I have tried TPT and other major teaching sites but they don't offer much. The textbook I am supposed to use does not offer much either. :(
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2022.01.26 11:23 ishkabibbel2000 [MOD] State of the Sub - January 2022. Let's talk about Uncle Sam, Jolly Roger, our Flairbot Overlord, PM negotiations, gift cards, and e-mail verification requirement.

New Tax Changes Goods and Service payments >$600 will now be tax reportable. We will not answer questions in regards to the tax changes, nor provide guidance. However, we felt it to be impactful enough to users of this community and wanted to make you all aware so you can take steps to educate yourself on what it means for you. PayPal Announcement IRS FAQs
Additionally, please note that requesting specific payment methods to avoid taxes will be treated identically to asking for specific payment methods to avoid fees. It isn’t necessary to state why you are asking for a specific payment method - simply state what payment method(s) you are accepting. As always, you’re welcome to request payment via any service or method you’d like. We have not, and will not, police that beyond our safety reminders for methods that lack buyer protection. However, your prices should always be a single number and transparent to your potential trade partners.
PM Negotiations PM negotiations are NOT acceptable. All negotiations must be public. “Interested”, “PMd” etc. is not acceptable. Price negotiations and acceptance should be clearly communicated and public. You should be moving to PMs only at the time you are ready to complete the transaction. (i.e. pay, provide shipping info, transfer codes, etc.) Flair will not be issued for PM transactions. If you request flair for transactions that do not follow the rules, we will AT MINIMUM have those transactions reversed. Please see more info below about Inappropriate Flairbot usage.
Gift Cards Gift cards belong in other subs - The only exception to this are CONSOLE specific cards such as console currency codes, game codes for full games, and subscription codes such as Game Pass Ultimate, PS+, and NSO. All other retail and digital gift cards, including GameStop, should be taken elsewhere.
Email Verification New requirement for participation - Going forward, in order to participate in GameSale and GameSwap, you MUST have a verified email. If you are curious as to whether you already meet this condition, you can check on your profile to see if you have the “verified email” badge in your trophy case. You can view this at www.reddit.com/use and look for the trophy case on the right side. We will enact this change mid-February to give existing users an opportunity to verify your email address.
While we understand some users prefer not to have their Reddit accounts linked to other personal accounts, we’ve found that a notable number of scammers and scam accounts have not verified their email. While no system is perfect, we hope that this will continue to enhance the safety and security of the subreddit going forward.
Inappropriate Flairbot Usage Since transitioning to Flairbots (all hail the robot overlords) we’ve noticed a few issues with people confirming flair. While most of these are likely accidental, we will be taking some firmer steps to ensure the integrity of our flair system going forward:

Piracy and Counterfeiting As some of you may know, Reddit has rules against prohibited transactions. While the majority of this is irrelevant to our subreddit, we do want to bring attention to the fact that this does include pirated and counterfeit items. This has always been our stance, we want to specifically note that this includes:
Because this is a Reddit-administered rule, this is something we have zero tolerance for. If you ever have a question about whether something would be allowed, please message us via modmail (or ask here)! Take your Jolly Roger bullshit elsewhere. :)
Anything else? We also see these threads as an opportunity to get feedback from and engage with the community. So if you have any feedback for improvements you’d like to see, drop a comment below!
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2022.01.26 11:23 de_yogurt Newegg Shuffle or Newegg Scam?

I get that it's totally random, but I'm going on like day 13 with no selections. I get there are a lot people wanting cards but this seems a little odd.
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2022.01.26 11:23 ghostsinsuspenders I'm gay misty! gay gay gay!

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2022.01.26 11:23 Love_this_Earth This strip from 'The Lost Adventures' comics is as emotional as Iroh's 'Leaves from the Vine'

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2022.01.26 11:23 silver2na It is

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2022.01.26 11:23 apoorvagarrwal I Took A Pre Workout For The First Time Ever And This is What Happened *Dangerous*

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2022.01.26 11:23 No-Simon331 Husband doesn't want to work/shames me for staying home

Sorry for the length - need to vent. So my husband (32m) and I (32f) have been together for 10 years almost. We were both working when I got pregnant and I worked until about 8 months when I went on bedrest. He told me it would be a good idea for me to just stay home since we'd save money on childcare. For the first 3 years thats what I did, and then 2 years ago I started also working towards my bachelors/masters in my career field so that I can eventually work when our son is able to go to school. He was very supportive and we liked the idea of having two solid incomes.

The problem is now my husband keeps talking about quitting his job when I graduate and start working, which I don't understand. I started school so that when the time was right, we could both have an income and live more comfortably vs struggling on just his income. We live below our means and only really stay home and hang out. But after having a year off with covid, he now HATES working. He quit his job and switched to different ones THREE TIMES, which I was supportive of, because I thought maybe he'd be happier in a different field. But it ended up just eating up ALL of our savings staying home "in between jobs" and going back to the first one 3 months later. He does the absolute bare minimum with work, and keeps telling me I don't get it because I "get to stay home". He keeps saying that as soon as a I graduate he'll stay home with our son, which I would be fine with, but he can't even watch our son for a few hours without losing his patience/getting overwhelmed/taking a nap. I always have to run in to do damage control so he doesn't keep on fussing at our son, who just doesn't understand directions as well, or I'll be hearing my son yell for something (upstairs with the door closed) and when I come down my husbands just sleeping. (and for anyone who is curious, he gets no less than 8 hours of sleep a day, we make sure of that because of work, meanwhile I get like 5 but I'm totally fine with it because I know he has to go to work).

For whatever reason with him, he now is resenting me for being home, and only talks about quitting work and retiring, but he barely works enough hours to make the bills we have now, let alone save for retirement, which was why I started school, so I'd be able to help out. I clean, I cook, I do everything with our pets, our son, anything that takes a mental thought in our house - I do it to make life less stressful for him. He truly only has to go to work and come home 2-3 days a week (12 hr shifts) and it's now too much for him.

He is not the person I married. He is mean a lot, loses his patience and is very lazy. I suggested therapy a bunch of times, thinking maybe he was depressed and he always goes once, then never goes again. He gets really angry sometimes and he's said "FU" to my face a bunch of times, which I just don't react to, because he eventually calms down. He just wants to sleep all day, or play video games and if he can't, he gets annoyed and talks about how much he hates his life. I honestly don't know what to do anymore. If I try and talk to him about any of this stuff, he just lashes out at me and tells me I don't understand him, even though I really want to. I love him and he is a good dad, but he genuinely has no drive to work for his family, and when he does work he just complains every second of the day. The worst is even when he's fine, if I say I have a headache, suddenly his tooth hurts, if I'm tired because I was up at 1am with our son, he's MORE tired. It's like everything is a competition with him, and he's constantly shitting on me being home - yet it's not like he's busting his ass at his job, he's doing the absolute bare minimum, expecting me to do everything and is fantasying about doing even less. WTF DO I DO??
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2022.01.26 11:23 Margo_pumusy 🖤My favourite outfit for working out 😏😉

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2022.01.26 11:23 Kaladin_UK Soaking up the sun in Thailand. Felling lucky to have been on holiday.

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2022.01.26 11:23 Plane-Smoke960 All Tomorrows Animated | Lopsider Free Climb | Lopsiders

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2022.01.26 11:23 Turtle-Of-Tomato What is the worst you’ve been scammed?

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2022.01.26 11:23 Azure_birch [WP] Humans are vile, disgusting creatures that must be eradicated to protect and preserve Earth and its inhabitants. Mom! How about instead of ranting over how humanity is bad and being an old moron, please spend some time with me, Im losing my shit toward you!

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2022.01.26 11:23 JimHarbor Given War has existed for all of recorded history, why did to take so long for PTSD to be discovered?

Ancient texts talk about root canals, skin grafts and all types of fundamental medicine but why is it we don't have any old texts about people coming back from war damaged. Even if they didn't know about brain chemistry or the like, surely people would pick up on the repeated symptoms over thousands of years.
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2022.01.26 11:23 FMA1986-2 uBlock Origin filters: "Save Changes" not working!

When I edit filters the "Save Changes" is not working when clicking here! What bug are added?
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2022.01.26 11:23 Admirable-Desk-2727 I think we need more cards with shields

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2022.01.26 11:23 NaiveAd5495 What is the most epic comeback you’ve ever seen handed to a keyboard warrior?

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2022.01.26 11:23 pr0zerpina Gdybyście mieli przeprowadzić się na stałe do jakiegoś kraju anglosaskiego, który z poniższych byście wybrali?

Uprzedzając pytanie: nie ma opcji "pokaż wyniki", bo liczba możliwych odpowiedzi jest ograniczona do sześciu.

View Poll
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2022.01.26 11:23 _GypsyWizard Playing random songs

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2022.01.26 11:23 Madiis Can someone explain to me how this scam works? What does she want me to do?

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