Delivery riders are essential workers and they deserve to be treated as such with the same rights and protections as any other workers, including the right to criticize your employer! Come show your support for them in Amsterdam on 29 January.

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2022.01.26 11:35 Isoiata Delivery riders are essential workers and they deserve to be treated as such with the same rights and protections as any other workers, including the right to criticize your employer! Come show your support for them in Amsterdam on 29 January.

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2022.01.26 11:35 Bubbly-Sherbet-127 ZLP coming soon

🦁 My Precious Rastas 🦁
ZLP by Rasta is coming very soon, and we have created an additional Discord server just to organize everything into neat channels for your consumption. ♥️
Join us now at
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2022.01.26 11:35 Rodgellie017 Polygon integrated into StackOS’ decentralized cloud! 🔥🚀

With Polygon integrated, the developer community will now be able to deploy their dapps in minutes on StackOS’ #DeCloud making the dapps unstoppable while remaining anonymous.
Red more here:
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2022.01.26 11:35 Luxy_999 My headphone is about to break

Can someone recommend me a brand that actually make good headphone and not expensive?
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2022.01.26 11:35 Teapur A grumpy fisherman takes a swim

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2022.01.26 11:35 Isbo2000 Gm fuckers

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2022.01.26 11:35 cryptocalbot AMA (Ask Me Anything) - DappRadar (RADAR): January 26, 2022 4:00 PM UTC

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2022.01.26 11:35 betitojc Need beginners tips for playing as Renekton

Been playing as Leona main and my teammates and I want to shuffle our roles a bit. Need help with his kit and for his matchups and counters as well as his combos and runes. If anybody can help me out that would be great
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2022.01.26 11:35 confusedwithlovee Question for married people

My question is at any point during your relationship before your marriage did you feel like your s.o. wasn't the one? Or ever started to lose feelings and thought about leaving them? If so what made you change your mind and stay? Are you happy now?
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2022.01.26 11:35 zalm_x found a private account and when checking that account with my other insta it shows as a public account

does anyone know why this happens?
when checking that account browsing with my main insta it appears to be a private account but if i browse with my secondary insta it appears as a public one.
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2022.01.26 11:35 Lthomasa1993 The “August Underground” trilogy

I’ve seen a lot of horror movies by anybody’s standards (I spent about three years of my young adult life watching two horror movies a day/night) and there aren’t many that still haunt me to this day. The above mentioned trilogy still makes me feel uncomfortable.
I feel like a lot of people haven’t seen the trilogy as they’re indie movies and I guess it’s kind of hard to find. But whoever wants to watch something which really makes them feel uncomfortable then it’s worth checking them out.
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2022.01.26 11:35 Truedandy12 Any idea what the ??? Are?

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2022.01.26 11:35 UnDead_Ted Awesome!

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2022.01.26 11:35 Sariel007 Ghostly monkey and slug snake among 224 new species found in Mekong region

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2022.01.26 11:35 Emberily123 World of Women part 2- Oceania

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2022.01.26 11:35 denvp_ Nostalgia de algo nunca vivido

Hace meses que me siento apagado, todos creen que me pasa algo, pero no, simplemente pienso en lo mismo todos los días a todas horas, necesito cambiar de rumbo en mi vida, no me gusta mi vida, y aunque tenga lo suficiente para ser feliz, no lo soy, tengo una casa, una pareja, un hijo, una familia, es más, debería de ser feliz, pero siento que mi vida es monótona, aburrida, siempre he sido alguien activo, divertido, la típica persona que te decía de irse a otros pais un día y a la noche siguiente volver, siento que mi vida es similar a la de una persona de 40 años, y no, soy joven aún, no quiero decir mi edad, pero aún soy joven apesar de todo lo que tengo, muchas veces pienso en dejar todo a un lado e irme, dejar a todo el mundo para centrarme en mi, vivir solo, tener tiempo para mí y conocerme a mí mismo, encontrar un poco de paz en mi interior, pero claro, decirlo es demasiado fácil, pero hacerlo... Porque yo no quiero unas vacaciones, no, yo quiero seguir trabajando, conocer gente nueva, irme de fiesta como toda la gente de mi edad hace, quiero, o quizás incluso necesite estar solo, pero ya saben, para hacer eso tienes que ser una persona valiente, pero como les dicen a toda vuestra familia que van a desaparecer, aunque sea por un tiempo, o dejarlo con tu chica, no, hay responsabilidades que uno tiene que aceptar y hacerse cargo, pero mientras lo hago, siento que mi vida se va y yo no estoy haciendo nada, tambn pienso mucho antes de conocer a mi novia, los amigos que tenía y el tipo de vida que tenía, es verdad que era mala, pero a mí me gustaba, esa nostalgia la siento cada día de mi vida, me gustaría contar todo esto a un profesional, pero ni para eso me da mi sueldo, asique lo cuento por reddit, que aunque no me responda un profesional, al menos puedo desahogarme sabiendo que todo es anónimo.
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2022.01.26 11:35 vinodjetley What to look for in the Shareholders letter: Vehicle deliveries guidance for 2022

Looking beyond the financial metrics Tesla will report for the quarter, investors should watch management's guidance for its full-year deliveries. The company's forecast for full-year deliveries may provide more insight into Tesla's potential growth this year than any other metric shared in the update.
Last year, Tesla grew trailing-12-month deliveries 87% year over year -- and that was notably on top of a strong 2020 (despite some factory shutdowns it endured as COVID-19-related lockdowns plagued some companies), when deliveries rose 36% year over year.
For 2022, investors should look for management to guide for deliveries to rise about 50% or more. While there's potential for deliveries to grow even faster this year, it would be wise for management to bake some conservatism into its forecast.
If 50% growth on top of 87% growth in 2021 sounds unrealistic, think again: The company currently has two entirely new factories coming online that are expected to significantly increase its production capacity. Indeed, one analyst estimates that when the factories are at full capacity, they'll give Tesla an annualized production rate of nearly 3 million units (up from a rate of just over 1 million units as of management's last update on its annualized production run rate). Of course, it could take several years for these new factories to ramp up to their full production capacity.
Investors will be able to find management's guidance for vehicle deliveries in Tesla's earnings report after market close today.
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2022.01.26 11:35 Ifrit_Steam The Flesh Lotus

This is a segment from the last room of a dungeon my brother ran for me, enjoy!
Theodore looked at the burning chalice as a beautiful white rainbow flame burned. Had he killed one of his devil’s, this was bad. He looked over at the only exit, a metal door with an intricate design of faces and suffering. Next to the door was a statue of a crying woman, her hands across her face, tears etched down her cheeks. Theodore wasn't quite sure if he had solved the puzzle or not, but either way he had to try to move on. He reached for the door handle but in unison the woman’s hand reached for the handle clutching it in her mournful state. She was preventing him from turning the handle.
“What to do, what to do?” he muttered to himself.
Theodore had lost all of his devils, one of the minor devils was possibly hurt or even worse dead and the only person he had left in his glove of holding was Captain Maurtice. He was completely and utterly stuck. No help, no magic, no devils, no way out. He tried to think of anything that could help him and he turned and looked into the flaming chalice, the flames glowed in Theodore’s eyes. He summoned a mason jar into his hand and carefully scooped some of the devil’s essence into the jar. As soon as the jar came into contact with the flames, it began to glisten and the glass began to drip and melt. Theodore quickly threw it at the crying woman, the glass shattering onto her. The statue didn't flinch. The flames spilled onto her head as she posed, knelt, crying on her pedestal. The flames began to heat the top of her head, slowly caving in her face as if she were a wax candle. The statue began to twitch and shutter and then with a creepy suddenness stopped moving, becoming a statue once again. Theodore slowly reached for the door and she did not move.
He checked the door, but the handle seemed to be locked, but the magical barrier that had been up, seemed to have disappeared or had burned away in devil flames. Either way Qwotus had not telepathically contacted him so she still must have been stuck in the previous room along with the other devils. Theodore knew that he had no chance of saving them unless he somehow managed to beat this dungeon on his own. He didn't have the strength nor did any of the devils, to break the magic circles that encompassed this place, but maybe, just maybe if he got to Lady Avolin, she could form a rescue squad and together, they could break the barrier.
Theodore broke the door handle and kicked in the door, revealing a long hallway decorated with the same iron faces that had been strewn throughout the dungeon. But now in this room, not only were their eyes open, but also their mouths. This just added to the seeping feeling of suffering in the dungeon. He jogged down the long passage until he came to a black iron, double door, which was nearly twice his height. Theodore opened the door, finding himself at the top of a fifty foot stairway that led into a large room. When walked it was at least 600 ft long, 200 ft in width and had a ceiling that was at least 150 ft high supported by 6 large and evenly spaced pillars. The room was pitch black. Theodore held up his only light, which was a small chandelier shaped lantern, providing a rough vision of 30ft out. After surveying the room’s layout Theodore summoned Maurtice out of his glove.
“By my beard!” exclaimed Mauertice not expecting the sudden change of environment. “ Where are we?”
“We are at the bottom floor of the dungeon.” explained Theodore.
This was Theodore’s last ace up his sleeve. Maurtice was the only person he had left to expend. Even though he was a complete stranger that Faryet had summoned to participate in the first trap of the dungeon, Theodore liked to think of him as a friend, though be it an expendable one for the sake of Avolin.
The two searched in the darkness of the room together, finding that it was littered with dozens upon dozens of old, used torture equipment. Cages, chains, spikes, tables, pliers for teeth and so on. In the far, last third of the room they found the empty bottom of what had looked to be a fountain. At the center was a collection of black metal hands, their palms faced upwards and their fingers contorted in pain. Each hand was big enough to hold four whole carriages. With some effort Theodore and Maurtice had managed to climb the hands, counting twelve of them total. Oddly enough each of the hands had a circular hole in the middle of their palms. The hands stretched up for about 50 ft to the peak of the fountain. Theodore reached the summit first, shining his light to reveal the top of the fountain to be a large metal face of another woman. Her eyes were shut and her head tilted back as her face looked towards the ceiling. Down the center of her face there was a seam line almost as if it opened up.
This was it, thought Theodore, this is what he had been looking for. But through all their searching of the room, Maurtice and Theodore had not found anything that resembled a switch lever or puzzle to open the face. He hit the metal with his hand listening to its resonance. The metal seemed to be at least a foot thick, but thanks to the face's size, that meant that they would be able to bend the metal at the edges and with a little luck they would be able to make a hole into the fountain.
“I guess we are going to have to brute force this” said Theodore, summoning into his hand two of his iron cubes that he kept in his glove. He handed one to Maurtice. “Let’s get going”.
The two of them sat there for hours banging away at the face of the sculpture slowly denting it and working the metal with all of their might. Through brute force and perseverance, bit by bit, they worked away at the shell of the fountain. After most of a day had passed, they had managed to open the face up by just a crack, barely enough room to shine a light in and look. They could still only see darkness. But quietly now that the sound of their makeshift hammers had stopped, a new sound slithered through the room from the seam. It sounded like moist pieces of flesh moving across one another in a slow lazy movement.
Maurtice wore a worried expression as Theodore drew his rapier getting ready to stab through the slit. Maurtice motioned to let him get off the fountain before Theodore stabbed. Theodore lowered his weapon. Maurtice slowly tipped toed down the side of the face, his boots making a loud tap with each step. He jumped down onto the metal hands one after another with as quiet of a boom as he could make. But amidst all this noise, the sound from inside the fountain didn't change. Maurtice finally made it to the fountain's bottom and ran towards the stairway they had entered from, hiding in a standing coffin.
Theodore lifted his rapier and with a lightning quick movement brought it down through the hole. It hit something that began to screech a horribly inhuman sound. Theodore prepared for another strike but the fountain began to rumble. The face of the fountain shook as something was hitting and battering it from the inside. The face let out a metal shriek as its seam was forced open. The tips of finger-like tentacles began to crawl out from the ever growing fissure. Theodore jumped back landing on a nearby metal hand as the face split in two and a hideous form emerged.
It began to rise out from the depths of its cell. With a crown of muscle and bone fused to its skull the abomination flowered from the center. Its skin was an irritated bloody flesh. Its upper half was a 30 ft tall humanoid of mangled and contorted flesh. In its skin was the fusion of many deformed human arms, some functional, others not. As the abomination surfaced to the top of the opened fountain, it grew numerous fleshed tentacles as thick as trees and as long as 100 ft. It had a ring of eyes across its head, facing in all directions. Bones stuck out of the top of its head, forming in a grotesque manor, a crown of sorts. And finally its mouth contained rows upon rows of molars set to grind any prey that managed to find the misfortune of being eaten by such a horrid creature. Its eye caught Theodore's light and violently struck out with deadly force.
With no hesitation Theodore jumped off the fountain. The large mutilated tentacle crashed into the metal hand he had been standing on, deforming the hand’s already twisted nature. Theodore landed at the bottom of the fountain, and pain jolted in his ankles, but he didn’t have time to think about that. He sprinted away from the fountain and ran around one of the room’s middle pillars, hiding from the sight of the flesh abomination. He breathed for a second, calming himself down. A million things flashed in his mind, what was this thing? How could he beat it? Could he even dream of beating such a monster without the help of his devils? These were all useless thoughts. He had two choices, stay here and fight its tentacles and the monster itself, or run. It was possible that it could give chase, but it was unlikely seeing that the flesh of the monster had seemed fused to the metal fountain itself. Theodore covered the excess light coming off his chandelier and ran for along the edge of the room’s wall, towards the stairway that they had used to get in. Theodore heard the creature in the sickening blackness, followed by the new screeches of many other creatures, but he didn’t look back. When Theodore got about 50 ft from the stairway he began to shout.
“Maurtice, run for the exit now!”
Theodore’s plan was to lead the monster of monsters into the hallway from earlier. That way no matter their numbers he could keep them attacking, only a few at a time. In the worst case scenario he could even barricade the hall with the items in his gloves
Maurtice came out of his coffin holding nothing but his own light and a small crossbow. He started running for the stairs but was slower than Theodore. Theodore quickly caught up to him, lifting him and moving him into the gloves of holding. The butler ran up the long flight of stairs swiftly getting to the iron doors. He grabbed the handles and pulled back to open them, but the doors didn’t budge. He put his hand along the door's surface and felt an odd smoothness. A magic barrier.
A low vibration dropped in the room and Theodore turned looking back into the darkness. A red glow dimly began to emit from the fountain. A sound of rushing liquid flowed out of the holes in the fountain’s hands. And then like beating geysers blood began to pump and shoot out in streams, filling the fountain in a red blood bath. The monster atop the fountain roared and the glow increased to fill the room with a dim light, just for a second, but it was enough to see the vague outline of many many shadows quickly moving along the floor of the room, some had already made their way halfway across it. The abomination must have been releasing other monsters to kill him. A few of the shadows bumped into torture equipment, growling and others mindlessly crawled, but all of them were heading straight towards Theodore, who was all out of options. The red light dimmed to nothing again, sending the room back to a pitch black, except for Theodore’s chandelier.
Theodore turned pale, he was probably going to die here. His devils would be stuck forever, and he would never be able to serve at Lady Avolin’s side ever again. He had to think hard, what was in his glove. He had cubic stones, 3 big metal cubes from the forage, a carriage, Maurtice, food, and tables. A crazy plan formed in Theodore's mind, but it was just crazy enough that it might actually work.
He jumped down the stairs landing at the bottom, his light illuminating the dark. He heard the growls of the monsters that covered the room. He had to move quickly. Theodore bolted along the right wall of the room, heading towards the fountain.
From his left a creature breaking through some of the torture equipment, emerged into the light, It looked as though it was at one time human, but it was mutilated, dried and twisted. It crawled on all fours like a hound with long sharp claws of bone. It slashed at Theodore, but Theodore jumped and kicked off the wall, barely dodging its attack. He kept running, he couldn't let this slow him down. More monsters joined in the hunt coming out of seemingly nowhere swiping at Theodore from the wicked shadows. He counted the distance in his mind, he was almost there, but he couldn’t be by the wall if this was to work.
This was the last part of Theodore’s setup and probably the most dangerous. He broke away from the wall and ran as close as he could to the fountain. He stopped when he saw four more of the creatures directly in front of him and when he did, the two pursuing him caught up. They each slashed at Theodore’s back cutting deep. Theodore stumbled forward, blood splattering the ground. The deep vibrating sound rang through the cavernous room. And the fountain began to glow again. The abomination writhed in place as Theodore was surrounded by 7 other twisted humanoids. This was as far as Theodore would get, he had failed to reach the top of the fountain.
They began to moan and growl getting ready to attack. Their twisted flesh tensed and they began their lunge. At that moment Theodore jumped high into the air. He put his gloved hand onto his head and disappeared into the glove of holding. The glove spun in the air for a second and landed on the ground. The twisted humanoids lost sight of Theodore and began shriveling shrieks in search of him. But he wasn’t coming back, soon they returned to the miserable existence walking around the room in aimless pain.
Theodore crashed into the room that was contained inside the glove. He landed his back on the floor. A crossbow bolt shot into the floor right next to Theodore’s head. “By my seas!” said Maurtice “I thought you were a monster, you’re lucky I missed.” He helped Theodore up, checking Theodore’s back. “So have you found a way out” asked Maurtice, knowing what answer he’d likely get.
Theodore took a long and hard breath thinking and readjusting his plan. “I think I might have found a way out, however I’m going to need you to practice something until perfection or else we stand no chance. But first I need to get some rest and to get patched up.” He held his wounds in pain, trying to keep the blood in. “I’ve expended a lot of energy out there.” said Theodore. “We have enough food and water in here for about one more day, so let's rest up.”
A day of practice passed and Theodore had done his best to heal, but he could still barely move. Patched up and ready he stood by Martice. “Are you ready for this?” Martice looked nervous, “As ready as I’ll ever be.” Thedore took a deep breath and strengthened his resolve.
The glove sat at the bottom of the room’s floor as various shaped humanoids shuffled in the chamber. A small rune glowed on the glove and with a whirl of black fabric, Theodore stood in the room, wearing the glove. With adrenaline flowing he jumped as high as he could and held his gloved hand down at the ground, he focused and summoned the 10ft cube of star metal from his collection. It crashed on the ground making a platform. Theodore began a countdown in his mind.
Theodore landed on the cube and Maurtice appeared out of the glove, his crossbow pointed in the dark, where Theodore had told him to aim. “4…” “I’m trusting you from here” said Theodore holding the glove to his own head again. In a whipping of fabric, Theodore was gone and the glove flipped in mid air. “3…” Maurtice caught the glove puting it at the tip of his bolt. The humanoid creatures began to growl, charging the star metal platform. Maurtice breathed out and fired the bolt into the darkness. “Please let this work.” He prayed to himself. “2…” With the trigger of the crossbow, a low vibration filled the room, the red light glowed from the fountain, revealing the monstrosity of flesh as it rose from the fountain’s broken face. The bolt soared across the chamber’s ceiling, whistling as the air was parted. “1…” It flew past the monster's long tentacles soaring far above its head. The bolt began to taper and spin the glove barely holding on… “0…” With a swirling of fine black fabric. Theodore appeared from the glove, wearing it. He began to fall back down to the ground, right above the roaring abomination itself. Theodore’s glove began to glow. A small cube formed in the palm of his hand as he thrusted his arm downward sending it right at the abomination’s head. The cube rapidly grows to its full size, a 10 foot cube of hell steel. The cube hurtled down through the abomination’s arms, smashing through each limb it defended with, crashing down onto its chest. The creature strained under the weight, almost unable to lift the massive cube. The creature directed a number of tentacles at Theodore, wrapping them into a deadly pillar of force. The tentacles shot forth as the abomination’s roar shook the chamber walls and everything in it.
Theodore raised his hands again, and summoned his last cube, one of holy dwarven ore. He clutched the cube as it formed in his hand. He felt every fiber of his being in this very moment, as time slowed down he saw the mangle of tentacles coming at him. His hand gripped the edges of the cube so hard he cut himself. As the abomination’s voice shook the air, Theodore let out a fearsome roar that matched the abomination’s might. With incredible force Theodore threw the cube which grew as it hurled at the abomination’s tentacles. The two collided midair. The holy power of the cube cut through the creature's writhing flesh, parting the mangled limbs it held up. The dwarven cube broke through the tentacles scattering flesh across the room. It struck the Hell Steel letting out a ring that deafened the gods themselves. Sparks flew as the two metals collided and the flesh abomination squirmed under the mass of the cubes. The steel of hell and the metal of heavens began to react violently, heating up, melting and burning as they crushed the bloody abomination back into the face of the fountain. The entire structure groaned as the abomination thrashed within looking for escape and finding none. The fountain bent and deformed, tilting over and crashing to the floor, crushing some of the twisted humanoids. A sea of red blood flooded the chamber floor. The abomination ceased to move, becoming a steaming pile of burned flesh. Theodore fell from the air landing heavily on a twisted hand from the fountain, unable to move.
Maurtice, unable to watch the events unfold before him, continued to fight off the neverending onslaught of monsters before him, slowly running out of bolts. He finally reached down to find that has finally run out of shots. One of the creatures clawed its way up to the top of the platform, it raised its claw ready to end Maurtice’s life. It brought its deadly claw down. Maurtice covers his face awaiting the fate that had come for him.
But it didn’t come. He opens his eyes to see a woman in white robes standing over him, a glass blade parrying the twisted monster’s claw. it was Qwotus. She looked down at him, her glassy white eyes piercing his soul.“You have done well human, but we will take it from here.” She slashed, obliterating the monster. More shadows formed around Maurtice, manifesting into four more butlers. A giant elf with snakes for eyes landed on a large group of twisted humans, and began to eliminate and disintegrate them. The four butlers around Martice shot bolts of energy from their fingers blowing the heads off of incoming creatures as Qwotus joined the Elf in bloody combat. In a couple of minutes the devils had killed all of the twisted humanoids.
Qwotus floated over to Theodore, who was exhausted and laying on one of the fallen fountain’s hands.
“Master Theodore, the barriers of this dungeon have fallen, we can now return home. We should leave soon in case the barriers are to come back up.”
And with that she and the other devils vanished.
Maurtice came and sat by Theodore, both of them in shock. Theodore spotted something in the broken neck of the fountain, it was what he had come for. He snapped his fingers and Faryet put Martice to sleep. Faryet caught Martice and set him to the floor. Theodore rose up in pain and walked over to the fountainhead parting the burnt flesh of the abomination. From its guts he wrenched out a heavy metal chest. He opened its lid.
Black flecks of sin floated in the air, scattering from Theodore’s touch. He reached in and pulled out what he had been seeking, a torture device that had been soaked in the blood of hundres of thousands, accumulating large amounts of pain and misery. The memories of those who died to it coated the surface, their rage and their misery saturating it in pure sin. He had never seen so much in one place.
Theodore gloved the item. He went to close the chest ,but looked back at the unconscious Maurtice. Theodore summoned a pile of gold from his glove, filling the large chest to the brim and sealing it back shut. Theodore walked back over to where Mautice was and layed back down on the hand. He snapped again and Maurtice woke up. “Wha. What happened?”
“You passed out, you were so exhausted.. but guess what! We found it Maurtice, the treasure that we’ve been looking for!”
“You have?!”
“Yes but I think it's only fair, that you get all of it, after all you were the one who saved us.
“No” said Maurtice “I can't accept that it's way too much.”
Theodore pushed
“I insist after all without you I could have never gotten so high above that thing” said Theodore
Martice thought about it. He wanted to be fair, but he also couldn’t disregard Theodore’s kindness.
“Fine, 50-50” said Maurtice.
“50-50” said Theodore, smiling.
They both sat up walking off their soreness and hobbled to the chest. They opened the chest, revealing a huge bounty of gold.
Theodore and Qwotus stood in the desert at the entrance of the dungeon.
“Are you sure you want to do this Master Theodore? You will never be able to go down there again, It will stay buried for many more millenia. So I ask again, are you sure about this?”
“I’m sure…” “ it.”
Theodore turns his back to the tower, and walks away leaving it behind him.
The sand begins to rumble, as the interior of the dungeon crumbles and breaks apart, from the stones and bricks, to the top of the tower. The structure slowly is swallowed up by a forming sinkhole. Sand dunes move and swirl until no evidence of the tower's existence remains.
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2022.01.26 11:35 cryptocalbot AMA (Ask Me Anything) - Discord - SolChicks Token (CHICKS): January 27, 2022 1:00 PM UTC

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2022.01.26 11:35 apkatt Stort vinter-räckviddstest av

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2022.01.26 11:35 dmprulz Getting a work visa in Ireland as a recent graduate

So, in August I am finnishing my Bachellor of Economics in Canada and I was wondering about my chances of finding work in Ireland that will give me either a general employment permit or critical skills Employment permit(Business, Research and Administration)?
Should I apply to job postings or not bother?
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2022.01.26 11:35 sinisterparty67 Why cut it so early?

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2022.01.26 11:35 Anonymousman61 Remind yourself that overconfidence is a slow and insidious killer

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2022.01.26 11:35 PuroResuHead Gotta take my mother for a Covid test in a few hours. Need to stay awake.

I've been awake all night. Kept up due to my own personal reasons, but now I'm going to be stuck taking my mother to get tested for covid. Possibly exposing myself to it more than I already have. So I'm a bit worried about that I guess.
But I need to stay awake for a few hours. I'd love to talk about what ever you do. Got any random questions for me? A song recommendation? Or just a funny story. I don't care. Let's talk while I watch TV. Gotta stay awake. Coffee isn't working to well. 😂
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