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9044 7537 2157

2022.01.26 12:15 gh0st_mal0ne 9044 7537 2157

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2022.01.26 12:15 No_External_1764 No idea where I'm taking the conversation.

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2022.01.26 12:15 Adhesiveness_Overall Any other Android users having problems this week with game initialization?

Since yesterday I haven't been able to get the work, whether ranked or just AI. I did get some games in on Monday, so it's a recent thing.
Reboot of phone let me get in a couple games yesterday, but I'm back to nothing today. Starts a game with black screen and never actually progresses to a game load ...
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2022.01.26 12:15 chemcove What’s it like being a teacher in the UK?

I have a BA (hons) in the Performing Arts and looking to do my teacher training but have a couple of questions;

  1. What is it like being a teacher? I know it’s a really difficult job, but is it worth it?
  2. Does it fit around having young children (I have a four year old daughter)?
  3. How does it work with Summer Holidays etc, do you have to stretch your annual salary or can you work over the summer, or do you only get paid 10 months? Do you even get annual leave?
  4. Is there a way to teach part time (9-3 every day, for child care purposes)
  5. Is the salary really as bad as people say?
  6. How do you stay on top of working/organised?
Sorry for the inundation but I really would like to find out genuine opinions from teachers :)
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2022.01.26 12:15 sethhedgepath Strawberry Mouse! - Based on Concept Art by Gabriel Pirchenfeller

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2022.01.26 12:15 Sk3llyshr3dd3r Got the loyal warrior daily anyone want to play a game with me on Xbox

Got the stupid daily about playing with a friend when I solo anyone wants to play a a game on Xbox
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2022.01.26 12:15 adultbaby IEM upgrade recommendations

Hey everyone. I was hoping to get some recs for an iem upgrade for my situation. I currently have the tin t3 plus for my budget iem and the Ikko oh10 for my “nice pair”. While I do prefer the sound of the Ikko due to the better bass and overall clarity improvement from the t3, I gravitate towards the t3 for on the go due to the fact that they are so light weight. I can just throw them in my pocket where as the ikkos I’m worried about those chunkers banging into each other and getting messed up if I don’t careful put them in a case. Now the weight doesn’t bother me at all when they are actually in my ears (both pairs feel great when in my ears), but the weight is a little annoying for just having them in a pocket.
So I am looking for an upgrade from the Ikko that is lighter weight. I have big ears so fitment usually isn’t an issue with the right tips. I still want something bassy, warm, and “fun” with good clarity. They get used for movies a lot, edm, hip hop, electronic, prog rock, pop. They are usually run on a phone or tablet with either a hip dac, btr5, or sometimes just a dongle dac. I was hoping to stay under the $350 mark but if there is something that is super worth it to bump up to the $500ish mark, I’d be open to hear those options as well
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2022.01.26 12:15 Fun-Field4326 There is stonks

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2022.01.26 12:15 aspiring-travelpt Inpatient vs Outpatient Neuro Clinicals

Hey everyone! I posted this in the physical therapy subreddit as well but figured everyone her may be able to give me some insight as well. I have recently been accepted to PT school and have been trying to map out what clinical rotations I want to strive for since my school lets me pick all of them. I minored in neuro and have done some research in that area so I would love for one of my clinicals to be in a neuro setting. Would you recommend an outpatient facility or working inpatient in a neuro unit at a hospital? Or possibly outpatient neuro at a hospital? If you could give explanation for reasoning I would really appreciate it! I am new to all of this and admittedly do not know the pros/cons of settings yet! Also, my school offers one student a rotation at shepherds center. Heard it’s really competitive but seems like a cool opportunity!! Anyone have any experience with clinical rotations or jobs at Shepherds? Thanks!!
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2022.01.26 12:15 dibrancelikuu Ti capisco

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2022.01.26 12:15 JeeBeesus Fralin Admission

do you need to pay to get into the fralin? if you're a student
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2022.01.26 12:15 CaseTrue [REQUEST] can't find a full length image. Aberdeen and Chelsea had a similar kit.

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2022.01.26 12:15 Mad4p3z RMDoxx | Only 5M Marketcap, Launched ✅ Fully Doxxed Dev Team | Reflection Rewards | Over 22% burned supply

RMdoxx was created by holders of a previous token that was rug pulled costing them all a lot of money. This token has the intention to prevent people loosing more money to such scams as rugpulls/honeypots in the future by making the crypto space a safe place to invest, thus removing the gamble and making it an investment again. Licensed professionals with decades of experience. Computer software and data science experts with over 5 decades of combined programming experience.
People with security clearances for official government work.
Search $rickmortydoxx on Dextools
10 Trillion total supply with less than 250 billion available to purchase
Wallets locked for a year
With 7% reflections for all holders on all buy and sells and a percentage going to the dead wallet every transaction too thus decreasing available supply
Over 22% of the supply burned already
Our utility is called Zion, its main task is to vett new and existing tokens to rate them on trustworthiness and give them a score allowing buyers to make an educated decision on whether they wish to invest in a project or not.
A fully doxxed Dev team which includes a Lawyer whom has shared his Florida bar number and a DR that can be found on many papers with a simple google search.
With a low MC of 5 million, right now is a great time to get in and grab a bag
you can buy some $RMDOXX on either Uniswap or Lbank
For more information join our telegram group and feel free to ask and we will endeavor to answer the questions to the fullest of our ability we love easy and difficult questions as they keeps us on our toes to see the whitepaper #RMDoxx @RMDoxx
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2022.01.26 12:15 Halkaramov2019 Buy Nuts Splitter Tools online from Luxenmart Buy here: Perfect for mechanics, Steel workers &am...

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2022.01.26 12:15 bvlckh3x Am I the a hole???? Pregnant and Flustered.

Whose the A Hole… I’m pregnant and getting annoyed at everything my fiancé does.
So to start off I (21 F)am 8 weeks pregnant with my first child. My fiancé (23 M) has been super annoying lately and I cannot tell if it’s just my hormones or he is being an a-hole. I get he works a lot and complains that his body hurts and I’m like thinking ….. excuse me. The other day I had to go to the hospital due to unbearable cramping, luckily the baby was okay. He was complaining that we were there for too long and it really made me want to smack him. The other day I also made him cookies because he wanted something sweet and I was trying to be nice. He then tried to annoy me the whole time and said he was trying to “condition” me. Wtf does that mean? I’m not your f-ing science experiment. I then threatened him that if he didn’t back off I was goin to get super angry. I also am not in the mood for sex lately and he makes me feel bad about it.I think if he keeps going down this path I might hit him. I don’t condone violence but….
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2022.01.26 12:15 Supersusbruh Long-term use

Anyone else planning on using their ZF3 for at least 2-3 years? Does anyone else think the hardware will hold up that long with this device if taken care of properly?
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2022.01.26 12:15 sadthrowawaypathetic I envy the people who successfully ended their lives.

Its much easier when you have access to things. I got Tylenol thinking that's going to do anything. Soon after I got it this morning, I was saying to myself this is a pathetic way to do it because it won't work. Just like when you took alot of sleeping pills all it did was make my body feel like there was alot of gravity and I couldn't stand up. Taking the whole bottle today in yet another pointless attempt to end it. People who were rich or at least well off had access to so many things.. I'm so pathetic and a useless pos I can't even find or get a g u n. If I had one I promise you on my family's that I don't have anymore's graves I would of put one right to my head.
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2022.01.26 12:15 No-Apartment-1432 Mega Aerodactyle raid in 5 4229-9844-0523

Add me
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2022.01.26 12:15 Scrambles_Mcgee Crisis center

So the crisis centers told me the reason for my psychosis episode was because of the the grief I'm not dealing with plus the stress of my current living situation. around may last year I had a relapse that ended with the mother of my child leaving and taking my son and telling me I'd never see him again. I ended up in the hospital almost dying from septic arthritis. I got clean started going back to work then my mom died on wht would have been the 10 year anniversary of my first marriage. After that was the year anniversary of one of my best friends suicide and the 10 year anniversary of my other best friends suicide. Then the last of my best friends my fp my ride or die and the last person I thought would ever judge me turned their back and washed their hands of me because they didn't bother to talk me about some issues and decided I was a dirt bag. I lost my job, my roommates moved out again because they didn't talk to me about a paper we got from the apartments about the late rent. So now I owe the complex 2500 by the 5th or they start the eviction process. Then Friday I had my first psychosis episode, and have to stay at my father's house and no it's not a good place to be it's extremely toxic here but I literally don't have anywhere else to go and I don't have any friends I can stay with till I get sorted out. This is the first time in my life I was at a dead end. Normally I'm really good about having a way to make it somehow, and it's really starting to look like the end of the line for me and I can't even tell anyone because I'll just be another ass end of a joke
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2022.01.26 12:15 TeamRespawnTV Where. Is. Anders?

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2022.01.26 12:15 grmgurima transformation

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2022.01.26 12:15 pandpued Gacha Life is an amazing dress up game that got ruined by its fanbase.

I hear "Gacha Life is cringe" comments all the time and it angers me a lot. The main problem is similar to twitter, the majority of it's users are either too immature to have opinions, or stupid assholes. Gacha Life can be made good if the content creators are talented storywriters or, people who are playing it just for banter.
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2022.01.26 12:15 aroseddit Is there a way to update the Logitech G604 Mouse's firmware without having to install G HUB?

Is there a way to update the Logitech G604 Mouse's firmware without having to install G HUB?
I use SteerMouse to manage my mouse, and SteerMouse cannot be used if G HUB is installed.
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2022.01.26 12:15 CMMoore2 How do I report the bad living conditions caused by my roommate?

A roommate has tons of boxes from online stores that he is stacking all over the apartment. It obstructs our passage to and from our rooms and is making walking around a problem. We have spoken to the roommate multiple times about moving his items but he would lie and say he is moving them which he doesn't do or to just flat out refusing to move them. We have confronted him about it multiple times but he would then proceed to call the police and say we are threatening him in the hopes of getting us arrested. We have spoken to the landlord multiple and I mean multiple times and nothing has been done about it.
On top of that he is a smoker. He smokes indoors in his bed next to all of the items. He has dropped his cigarette before and cause a small fire last year. We are worried it could happen again. Yet again. We have confronted him about smoking-the police were called. We have complained to the landlord 7 times about his smoking. The landlord confirms he has spoken to him but he still smoking. We have an issue with a selfish roommate who has no consideration for the safety of others but then proceeds to insist that he is a good person.
I tried calling the police on him about the boxes but they never came. I tried contacting the FDNY and report it as a fire hazard but they said they have no jurisdiction over the situation even though they admit that it's a problem. The landlord won't do anything. I randomly told my mother and she said to call the Domestic Abuse hotline. I called 311 and they said to contact the FDNY. All the while this guy goes unchecked. i'm at my wit's end on what to do here. It's a legit problem and it seems that no one wants to help me with. So I'm asking is there anyone else I can call, e-mail? Have any of you dealt with this situation and how have you handled it?

P.S Please don't just move out. This response pisses me off to no end. Why? Simply put; If I could I would.
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2022.01.26 12:15 Bbeeaaggllee Got my rook and tragus done about a week ago and I’ve marked a spot for a potential helix on my other ear. How do we feel about this set-up?

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